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How Does a Birdcage Improve the Life of Your Dearest Birds?

Although birds are supposed to belong to the boundless sky and this wide world, a perfect birdcage is also likely to create a comfy and healthy living environment for your beloved pet birds to nest in your house. As for families raising pet birds or having such a plan, identifying an excellent cage for their birds from the thousands of dazzling choices in the market can be an inescapable challenge. Since birds are usually long-lived; a wise-chosen cage may probably serve your beloved winged friends for decades.

A good birdcage can improve the life of your feathered friends from the following aspects:

  • Ensuring Safety: Ensure their safety by casing off both other pets such as a dog or cat in your house and predators in the external environment such as alley cats and some birds of prey. Meanwhile, effectively avoid some potential risks that the cage itself may cause to your birds.
  • Keeping Physical Healthy: Keeping birds physically healthy and active by providing enough space and arranging accessories like perches and toys to do exercise, stretch their wings and muscles as well as improve their flexibility.
  • A safe bay for forming a good character: A spacious large birdcage that can provide your friends with a cozy and safe habitation environment is more favorable to help them form a friendly character and good interactivity with humans as well as beneficial to their mental health. Since birds are animals that are pretty sensitive to outer irritation.
  • Easy maintaining for birds and human health: A well-designed birdcage is very convenient for people to clean and maintain, which can not only be beneficial for the little residents’ healthy but also enable the raisers to form a long-term harmonious coexistent relationship between them and birds in the closed, limited space.

Next, we will look at the features or designs of the birdcage that are capable of creating a fairyland for your dearest birds. If you are interested in it, just read on~

I. Location and Placement

The very first thing you need to consider when deciding to purchase a perfect birdcage is where you will place it. Because the location will decide the cage’s size and type of model.  

Not recommended:

  • Places with direct sunlight shall be avoided such as were near the window. Since it is not good for the health of your bird.
  • Birds are very sensitive to all kinds of fumes, it had better keep them far away from the kitchen or places that may produce any.


  • Active places in your home can be a good choice. It can bring your birds more chances to interact with people, which is good for their social development and bonding establishment.
  • Just like people, a well-ventilated environment is also good for your bird’s health. Cool and fresh air full of the breath of nature can refresh your birds, helping them keep spirited.

II. Size

Size shall come first to be considered when choosing a suitable birdcage . Here are two rules of thumb to follow for choosing the right size:

  1. The size of the cage shall be at least 1.5 times larger than the wingspan of your birds. While, of course, on this basis, the bigger the better. The spacious room shall be left to fly for small birds. While as for a long-tailed one, a tall cage will be required to comfortably accommodate its long feather.
  2. Always choose the largest one in the allowed financial plan and space.

Do not forget to take into consideration the space that is taken up by the birdcage supplies like perches, shelters, toys and feeders. Because only the left space in the cage can be accounted as the actual activity space for your birds.

Keeping a bird in a too-small cage can be a kind of torture for her. It is not hard to imagine that if you stay in a small cell for years or even decades, how’s that feeling? Birds that stay in a narrow cage that cannot walk around or fully span their wings may show stereotyped behaviors such as screaming, biting, or repeating the same action for a long time, which are pathological actions. You do not want to keep a little psycho bird, right?


III. Bar Spacing & Orientation

Another crucial aspect that needs to look at is the bar spacing. Because, on the one hand, a cage with too-much wide bar spacing cannot well play its protective role to your birds. Animals with nimble sharp claws or paws are very likely to put their evil ‘‘hands’’ into the cage to damage your little birds through two bars. On the other hand, a too-much-wide bar spacing cage is also likely to stuck your escaping bird, which may get your little singer murdered. Here is a standard for the smallest bird that you can reference and make your determination: as for the smallest parrots, such as the parrotlet and budgerigar, the spacing of the parrot cage shouldn’t be wider than ½ inch.

However, it needs to be noticed that the spacing is not the narrower the better. Since a cage with too-much-narrow bar spacing is not pleasant for the little inhabitants. A scientific bar spacing should be depended on the species you raise. Therefore, before making the decision, you’d better search for the relevant information.

Another point that is likely to be ignored is the orientation of the bars. Generally speaking, bars of a parrot cage that are arranged horizontally are much better than those vertically in terms of providing your bird with an extra means to climb and exercise with their beaks and feet. Nevertheless, if the species you keep do not have such a living habit, you can just ignore the orientation part.


IV. Shape

Professional vets will always suggest you choose an angled cage rather than a rounded one. As for birds, it can bring them an adequate sense of safety to live in an environment where the location can be easily judged. Living in a rounded cage may cause birds emotional and mental injury, especially for some of those whose cages are provided with wheels that are moved now and then.

Besides, for small birds which need more space to fly, the length of the cage plays a more important role than that of the height according to their flying requirement, which means if you have to choose a cage from two in different lengths and widths, choosing the one with longer length is wiser.


V. Easy Maintain

The cage you choose must be easy to maintain. Or we can say if a cage is designed into being very inconvenient to clean, no matter how perfect the rest parts of it are, it is not worth buying. The reason is pretty simple, the easier the maintaining is, the more frequently you will do cleaning; and the more frequently you clean the cage, the healthier both you and your birds will be.

Living in a clean environment, breathing fresh air without bad smell and waving wings without blowing up food debris, dust and dander all around, both you and your birds will feel healthier and more enjoyable.

Generally speaking, the most common design to clean the cage is a bottom tray.   You need to make sure that the tray is easy to pull out and the material of it is easy to clean. Meanwhile, you also need to pay attention to the material of the bars. The ideal condition is that the bar is made of a stainless material that can be easily wiped clean. You do not want a rusted cage, don’t you?


No matter what species of bird you choose to keep and select what kind of location, type, size and accessories of the cage, it is all about providing your dearest birds with a safe and cozy home without posing them any potential hazards both mentally and physically. Always keep in mind that, how well your bird adapts to the environment, then how happy, healthy and trusted she will feel with her bonded families. When you treat your birds as your friend and family member, you will find that how much you love your birds, how lovely and tactile they will be. This is exactly the reason for choosing a lovely bird as our friend at the very beginning, right?

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