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How ASIC Firmware helps miners

Anyone who engages in mining strives to make more and more money each time. However, many people think that in order to do this, it is mandatory to purchase new and expensive equipment. Meanwhile, there is an alternative option, namely the firmware upgrade. If you figure out what ASIC Firmware is, it won’t take long to improve the results.

What is ASIC Firmware

Every piece of equipment, including the ASIC, has special software which makes it work. An ASIC can have one of two kinds of software installed:

  • Factory – basic, provided by the manufacturer, having standardized settings;
  • Customized – special, developed by a third-party company, having distinctive characteristics.

Each customer chooses the most suitable option for him.

How to use?

Installing customized firmware is often a real salvation for miners. The idea is that such software has characteristics that allow miners to change the entire operation of the device.

In order to install this, it is necessary to initially reset the frequency to a certain position. After that, there is an increase in performance and installation of new firmware. If everything is successful, the performance is returned to the original values and the new firmware is tested. In case something went wrong, you can reset everything to the factory settings.

How to choose?

When choosing the firmware, you should usually look at the following characteristics:

  • hashrate figures;
  • power consumption;
  • virus protection;
  • additional bonuses.

In general, it makes sense to carefully examine all the indicators. Now there are many firmware, for example, such a variant as Hiveon has gained popularity. This is the official software, the release of which has already taken place. Accordingly, the difficulties that usually arise during the test period are excluded.


Nowadays, there is a large number of special software for mining. In order for it to work with maximum efficiency, you need to update it regularly. A great option can be the installation of the firmware, which is different from the factory one. If you wish, you can easily do this procedure on your own.