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Experiencing the Excitement: The Year’s Top 10 Most Exciting Sports Championships

Not much in the world can compete with certain sporting championships and events. Sports have become an integral part of culture and society, with billions enjoying at least one form of activity.

Sport has always proven to be one of the best ways to be active and maintain a level of health and fitness. However, it has also been a great way for people to find entertainment in various forms. Playing can bring out a competitive nature for some and give them something to discuss with friends and family. It can also be a form of entertainment for so many, with many sitting down and watching the latest events that take place whenever they take place.

Top 10 annual sporting events and championships

The biggest events are always the championships and annual events, as these are hotly anticipated by millions worldwide. Many cannot wait to see who is crowned the eventual champion of the event, with many turning the event into an all-day experience that they prepare themselves to get ready for.

With numerous events and sporting championships occurring annually across many different sporting disciplines, it can be tough to outline which ones are the most exciting. Some sports have events held regularly throughout the year – such as boxing and UFC/MMA – that also feature exciting contests, while there are events that happen once every few years (FIFA World Cup, Cricket World Cup, Olympics, and Ryder Cup, to name a few).

Nonetheless, here are ten events that are among the most exciting championships held each year.

  1. English Premier League
  2. UEFA Champions League
  3. Super Bowl
  4. Masters (Golf)
  5. The Grand National
  6. Tour de France
  7. Wimbledon
  8. Monaco Grand Prix
  9. Stanley Cup
  10. NBA Finals

What makes these sporting events and championships the most exciting?

Although the ten mentioned above are only the tip of the iceberg for available sporting competitions that take place each year, they have to be considered among the premier events to take place. Many will create their own themed events and days because of the importance and popularity they have. Some will stream live sports to enhance their viewing because of the technology available to ensure they get the best experiences possible. At the same time, others will use a traditional TV broadcast to enjoy the event. The Super Bowl in America is perhaps an obvious example of this happening, as many will create an entire day surrounding it, even if the NFL team they support is not involved in the game.

Nonetheless, millions worldwide will continue to watch these events when they occur. Among the reasons is that they each offer the biggest prizes to those who are successful. For instance, the team that wins the UEFA Champions League can ultimately be known as the best team in the world, while the golfer who wins the Masters is able to claim one of the planet’s most iconic items of clothing: the green jacket.

Each sporting competition has a reputation of being able to provide viewers with an exciting and engaging watch each year, too. Perhaps with the exception of the English Premier League, none of the sports are easy to predict in terms of who would likely win. However, with that said, the EPL is one of the most competitive, and with billions of football fans watching the league across all corners of the planet, it is one that is highly anticipated with each season.

Biggest Sporting Competitions Can Vary in Countries

It is important to note that each country worldwide will likely have a different list from others when trying to come up with the top ten sporting competitions that are watched domestically.

For instance, the Super Bowl is likely to be the most watched sporting event each year in America, but it may not be watched as widely anywhere else. Sports such as tennis or golf may have a lower appeal than football due to their global popularity, while it is possible to suggest that race events are popular in certain countries more so than others.

Notwithstanding, this is the beauty of sports and their global appeal. With the planet incredibly diverse and more connected through technology, sports are able to grow and increase their popularity in various ways, thus helping certain competitions to become bigger than ever as the excitement around them grows.