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Mobile Legends eSports: Events in March 2024

Battle arenas (MOBA) are based on real-time strategies and have gained huge popularity. Millions of players are attracted by their gameplay and ability to compete with other gamers. Thus, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a popular option that was developed for mobile devices. Discover the events planned in March 2024 for this worthy competitor to the Dota 2 and League of Legends.

Tournaments for fans and gamers

Mobile Legends is one of the most popular MOBA on smartphones. It gives pleasure, adrenaline rush, and unforgettable emotions, as well as an ability to win. In addition, it can be played on any mobile device and there are many events for avid fans.

For instance, the following tournaments are approaching:

  1. ESB National Cup 2024 – Road to IESF – MLBB Female on March, 15-17;
  2. MPL Philippines Season 13 starts on March, 15;
  3. NACT Spring 2024 begins on March, 16;
  4. ESB National Cup 2024 – Road to IESF – MLBB will be held on March, 18-20;
  5. M Challenge Cup Mekong Season 3 begins on March, 21;
  6. IESF MLBB Georgia Qualifier – Road to IESF starts on March, 22;
  7. MLBB – Road To IESF WC24 – Riyadh will be in progress on March, 23-24;
  8. MPL Cambodia Spring 2024 begins on March, 23;
  9. WEC2024 – MLBB (WOMEN) Lao Qualifier – Road to IESF is organized on March, 25-30;
  10. WEC2024 – MLBB (MEN) Lao Qualifier – Road to IESF is held on March, 25-31.

Furthermore, the developers of this game announced a cooperation with the eSports World Cup Foundation at the beginning of 2024. Two MLBB tournaments will be organized as part of the eSports World Cup 2024 this summer.

Therefore, if you are interested in eSports betting online, you still have time to unveil all the details about this game, read reviews, and build up your strategy.

Gameplay and unique features

This game is a classical option in its genre. At the same time, it has several unique features that should be mentioned.

Each team comprises five heroes that meet for the battle in the arena. They aim to destroy the base of the opposing players and save their own. Three lines connect the bases located in different corners. There are also special defensive towers for protection.

The forest occupies the majority of the place. Various monsters live there. Defeating them provides bonuses and has a positive effect on players.

From time to time, small groups of fighters are launched from the bases. They attack opponents and start the battles.

Each player has a hero, whom he or she controls. Some of the control lines, while others become foresters, who gain experience and bonuses by fighting monsters. The hero can also be a universal fighter, who is always ready to help his teammates.

Each hero comes with a specific set of skills at the beginning. During the match, his development occurs according to the gained victories and overall experience in battles. This includes various novel techniques and unique useful items.

There is no one direction for such development, so it depends mainly on the player and his actions. One won’t be able to master the intricacies of playing for a character right away. Thus, training requires some time but it does not take long and always brings fruitful results.

Furthermore, there is a training mode available for all players, where there is a perfect chance to learn the basics. However, you will have to figure out the special features on your own. In addition, the game uses slang that one should master.

One more important note is that this game relies on the team mechanics. Therefore, there is not enough to build up individual characteristics and take care of the development of your hero. The team should work as one hero and the players should help each other and think about the progress on the whole. That is why the victory is often held by the better-organized teams.

Altogether, matches in this discipline often take place in a bright atmosphere, which creates unforgettable emotions. The developers of this project succeeded in creating this atmosphere for smartphones and the players appreciate their efforts, which is confirmed by numerous positive reviews.