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Best 5 YouTube Channels About Growing Ganja


YouTube and Cannabis: What’s the Connection?

What Are the Best Cannabis YouTube Channels?

Grow Like a Pro With YouTube

Are you looking for tricks and tips on how to grow healthy cannabis plants? Do you prefer watching a practical tutorial from an expert? Weed YouTubers are your go-to guides for sharpening your skills.

YouTube is among the most popular platforms for in-depth knowledge about weed farming. It offers various audiovisual approaches to cultivating the herb like a pro.

Whether you need to learn your crop’s lifecycle or how to create your setup, the platform is sure to provide some creative ideas.

Below are the top YouTube marijuana-growing sites. Acquire knowledge from them, get inspired, and then start farming Blue Dream seeds (check it here)


YouTube and Cannabis: What’s the Connection?

As YouTube loosens restrictions on marijuana content, many social media video content ideas center around the topic. It also boosts the audience’s reach on the platform.

Cannabis is still a growing industry, and a ton of data is available on the internet. Creatives turn to YouTube to present their ideas more engagingly.

Some cultivators and marijuana enthusiasts create reliable, steady content that benefits consumers and other growers. These vlogs contain a lot of lessons, from the basics of pot farming to the intricacies of consumption.

The clips provide practical inspiration from personalities who have already succeeded in the industry.

Cannabis YouTube videos take many formats, including:

  • Behind-the-scenes
  • Product descriptions
  • Step-by-step tutorials
  • Educational clips
  • Challenge vlogs

What Are the Best Cannabis YouTube Channels?

Whether a novice or a seasoned marijuana farmer, YouTube has plenty of informative content to improve your cultivation.

In such a fast-paced industry, staying updated is imperative. From high-tech grow systems to intuitive weed delivery apps, a lot is happening in the marijuana space.

YouTube weed channels are one of the ways to keep track of these occurrences and harness their transformative power. These platforms help you stay in the loop with accurate and valuable insights.

As you accumulate the knowledge, it gets easier to cultivate the herb from seedling to harvest with minimal errors.

Here’s a list of the top 5 YouTube channels that provide a broad perspective on cannabis cultivation.

1. Growers Network

Growers Network is among the booming weed channels on YouTube, ideal for novice and stellar cultivators monitoring the industry. It began in 2017 as a social media platform and has since risen to a household name for in-depth content.

The site boasts two video segments and a podcast: Canna Cribs and Deep Roots. The former showcases tours of the largest and most technologically advanced grow operations globally to inspire small-scale cultivators.

The visuals offer a systematic flow from genetics to the plant’s entire lifecycle to packaging. The creators then demonstrate the finished product in a dispensary and even consume it for a full seed-to-sale experience.

The latter takes a deep dive into the cultural aspect of the cannabis industry through the lenses of professional growers. Each episode exposes you to the local marijuana community and how they interact with food and music.

2. Home Grow Engineering

Home Grow Engineering is a small YouTube channel with a lot of rich marijuana content. As the name suggests, it provides practical insights into how to design cultivation equipment and grow tents.

Volker is the founder of the platform and one of the best weed YouTubers. In one of his videos, he articulately documents how he built a mini cannabis grow box to fit his limited space. The content depicts a discreet way to grow an autoflower plant from seed to harvest.

The channel also stocks other beginner-friendly vlogs to diversify a grower’s learning curve.

Volker highlights some of the simplest equipment for home growing, seed germination, and nutrient information, among other valuable content. It’s worth checking out if you’re new to cultivation.

3. Growing Exposed

Growing Exposed is a unique series that transports you into the heart of cannabis cultivation through expert interaction.

Jeremy Deichen, a renowned film producer, is the channel’s creator, and Amanda Mackay is the host. He leverages his vast experience to document behind-the-scenes cultivation stories of professional growers.

The platform takes an overarching approach to uncovering the wonders of weed production, from garden tours to merchandise reviews. The crop visits reveal product tips and best practices for new and established cultivators to emulate for a robust yield.

Amanda Mackay hosts the channel from Los Angeles, California, and sometimes features exclusive industry personalities and events.

“Ask The Garden Sage” is one of the favorite segments to yearn for. It covers topics such as flushing weed, temperature and humidity levels, nutrient reservoirs, and trimming.

4. Indica Institute

Indica Institute is one of the best cannabis YouTube channels for purely educational content targeting all types of growers. It began in 2018 and has attracted over 150,000 subscribers.

The platform publishes in-depth tutorials that are easy to understand and cover virtually every cultivation aspect, which is why viewers flock to it.

The key highlights from the site include cultivating robust mother plants, taking clones, medium preparation, and proper seed selection. This platform also features equipment videos to guide new growers on the right tools to invest in.

5. From Seed To Stoned

From Seed To Stoned is among the most educative weed YouTube channels providing elaborate start-to-finish cannabis grow guides. Jacob founded the channel in 2018 and has amassed over 500,000 subscribers and thousands of video views.

Apart from cultivation tutorials, the platform also features marijuana-related equipment reviews and giveaways. Jacob sometimes publishes content on how to prepare cannabutter and other wide-ranging topics outside the growing realm.

Grow Like a Pro With YouTube

Cannabis has many sides to it. The more you learn about the herb from diverse sources, the better your cultivation techniques get. YouTube is one of the platforms that boasts a wealth of marijuana knowledge, offering a reliable starting point.

Take on a fresh perspective from these handpicked weed YouTubers to add a professional touch to your grow operation.

Whether you want insights on how to hone cannabis cultivation skills or general information about a specific strain, these platforms provide reliable answers. Visit these sites today and expand your 420 horizons.