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Believe It! The Bidet is For You: Convert Your Toilet and Be Amazed

A bidet is a device most often found in the bathroom of many houses in Europe and Asia. Bidets are used as alternative toilet paper for personal hygiene. It involves a small water supply system connected to a stand-alone fixture spraying water at high pressure. It is usually located in the bathroom to avoid clogging up the plumbing and drains and ensure easy access.

Steps on How to Install a Bidet

You can use a home bidet kit to make your life easier when installing a bidet in your bathroom. It is easy to use, and it promises a hassle-free installation process.

1. Turn off the Water Supply

Please turn off the toilet water supply and let the pipes drain before removing them. That way, you won’t have any leaks anywhere on the way after installation. The water supply is usually provided by a main toilet tank’s main valve.

2. Remove the Old Toilet Seat

Take away your old toilet seat and attach it to a board or something else challenging, so you can be sure that the new one won’t fall off during installation. In addition, it is advisable to replace the toilet seat with one higher than the standard height. That way, you’ll have more room to move around on your knees or other upper body and accommodate for children’s future growth.

3. Install the Valves to Your Indoor Plumbing Fixtures

Install valves in the faucet and sink to control water pressure at each institution. Ideally, install a dual-valve for each tap to keep both nozzles working together as one unit, even if one is under pressure while the other isn’t. It will prevent potential water pressure issues.

4. Connect the Hoses to the Bidet and Finalize the Plumbing Layout

Connect a hose from your faucet’s sprayer to the bidet’s spray head to make it compatible with your taps. Following this particular design can be done by connecting a high-pressure hose at one end and a low-pressure hose at the other. It ensures that no water will escape, especially during the water-saving process.

5. Set It up

Set up your bidet to turn it on and off from the master faucet. The idea is to ensure that you can turn it on whenever you want without having to hang around the toilet, a hassle that would have caused you to have a long trip back.

6. Install the Seat and Hold It Firmly

You need to install a seat on top of the bidet which will let you sit during your personal hygiene. A core and backing are required with most bidets in order to allow water to surround your body as they move down while being controlled during use.

Benefits of Installing a Bidet

Bidets are easy to install. All you’ll need to do is read the toilet-to-bidet conversion kit, take them out of the box, and attach them to your faucet with the help of an easy-to-follow instruction manual.

1. Improve Overall Bathroom Experience

Most bathrooms have a tiny and confined space that makes it difficult for one to move in. With the addition of the bidet, you can now have a larger area to move around. Besides, it is also an excellent way to keep yourself clean after using the toilet. Therefore, installing a bidet will be a great idea if you are looking forward to improving your overall bathroom experience.

2. Reduce Water Consumption

Many homeowners are looking forward to reducing the amount of water they use in their homes, especially those with older faucets that they no longer use. With a bidet, you can save more water as you won’t need to use toilet paper since you can clean yourself with a bidet instead.

3. Reduce Bacteria Growth

According to bathroom experts, a bidet can help significantly decrease the bacteria in the toilet bowl as it sprays water on a hard surface. Because the water will flow down around your body as you use it, there won’t be any stagnant water. It will mean that you will not risk contracting infectious diseases from using the toilet regularly.

4. Easy Installation

No outside tools or complicated plumbing are required, so you can be sure that all you have to do is follow the instructions, and everything will be made more accessible, as they say.

The Bottom Line

A bidet is an excellent addition to your home that you should consider installing as soon as possible. With it, you won’t have to worry about people feeling uncomfortable when visiting your bathrooms anymore. In addition, it will give you much more freedom regarding the toilet and the overall experience of using one.