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Artificial Intelligence Pet Products for 2021

Artificial intelligence products in the pet industry have become very popular. Pet owners love to spoil their pets but also like the ability to care for them in a feasible and flexible way. AI products allow individuals to stay connected with their pets while they are away at work and even provide cleaner approaches to maintaining their pets hygiene.

Here are the top AI products that pet owners are raving about.

Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Cleaning a litter box is everyone’s least favorite thing to do when owning a cat. As cat owners, our main concerns are always to ensure that both the litter box and any foul odors are concealed. If you are anxious to get this chore off your to do list, this high-tech solution is perfect for you.

Self-cleaning litter boxes have profoundly changed the game for pet owners. Here is the number one AI product on the market for self-cleaning litter boxes.

Litter-Robot III Open Air

The Litter-Robot III Open Air model was designed to make every cat owner’s dream come true. Rated highest when compared to its competitors, this Wi-Fi-enabled self-cleaning litter box has everything you need at your fingertips. Its biggest selling point is its user-friendly ability to operate the product by phone app. Cat owners can now monitor activity, control settings and check waste levels all in the palm of their hands.

Featured benefits include never having to scoop or clean a bed of litter again. This litter box automatically cleans itself the minute your cat steps out of the box. With a swift motion, the Litter-Robot sweeps the clumps into a waste deposit for easy disposal. The sifting process technology also reduces litter usage by up to 50%.

Rest assured that with the Litter Robot your cat will have cleaner paws and you will have less tracking around the house each time they step into a clean bed of litter.

Pet Fitness Robot

Hiring pet sitters and dog walkers to meet your pets’ physical needs can get expensive. Coming home from work to walk or play with your pet can be an exhausting task. Draining a pet’s energy is not easy, especially when handling certain breeds.

This next AI product ensures your pets mental and physical needs are met without you having to put in the work.


The VARRAM robot is equipped with many features to keep your pet engaged and on the move. It allows you to schedule times for play mode at your convenience. Capable of driving in various patterns and different speeds, the VARRAM will keep your pet occupied for hours on end. Settings are customizable for each pet depending on their activity level requirements.

This highly intelligent robot knows to avoid obstacles, like furniture, around your home. Pets can be rough and aggressive with toys at times. That is why the VARRAM robot was made robust, using the strongest polycarbonate material. The VARRAM pet fitness robot is truly a success story as it was made with pet owners in mind.

Pet Feeder with Facial Recognition

For the pet enthusiast who owns more than one pet, this AI product was made for you!

While automatic feeders are a great perk to have when you can’t make it home on time, pet feeders with facial recognition have raised the bar.

The Mookkie Bowl

The Mookie Bowl made its first debut back in 2019 and it has been deterring food thieves ever since. Built with Volta artificial intelligence technology, the Mookie Bowl can recognize your pets face on its front-facing camera. The images are then downloaded to a network where it’s established that the pet approaching the Mookie Bowl is in fact your pet. The authentication system will then unlock the panel revealing your pet’s food.

Although the patent on the technology is still pending, the Mookie Bowl is an excellent product to have on hand if you have more than one pet. When you have one pet with the propensity to steal your other pet’s food, the Mookkie bowl stops them in their tracks. If you feed your pets outside, the Mookie Bowl will also stop wildlife like birds and squirrels from accessing your pet’s food.

Aside from keeping your pet’s food safe, it also has the ability to send notifications and short clips to you through the Mookkie App. Overall the Mookie Bowl is a great way to keep your pets in line while providing your pets with an ergonomic surface to comfortably eat their food.