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Are You Interested in Saving Money? Try These Chrome Extensions!

Were you aware that 230 Americans shopped online last year? According to research firm Statista, that total will rise to 278.33 million in 2024.

When you consider what inflation is doing to the value of your hard-earned dollar, you can appreciate the importance of finding ways to get more for less online. 

In yesteryear, the way to save meant using strategies like clipping coupons. But the digital era has made it easier to find ways to save. 

Do you want to learn how to make saving money on things you need or want easy peasy? Here are five Chrome extensions you need if saving money is a priority. As of August 2022, Chrome had close to 61% of the internet browser market. So, chances are good that you use Chrome. 

Don’t like using Chrome? No worries. Many of these apps are available for other browsers.

  1. PriceBlink

When you download the PriceBlink extension for the Chrome browser, you’ll get coupons and price comparisons that’ll help you get the things you want for less. It’s not like the olden days when you had to physically go from brick-and-mortar store to brick-and-mortar store to search for deals. 

The Chrome extension will inform you about coupons or special promotions on the site. And, also essential, it’ll let you know if a better purchase price is available someplace else. You won’t face the dreadful situation of paying more than you have to–and learning about it later. PriceBlink will ensure you get more for your money in an age of high inflation.

  1. Pelican

Don’t you hate when you get offers from vendors and find the offers aren’t to your liking? Maybe the promoted products and services aren’t on your radar, or the discount is so minuscule that it’s not worth looking into. But with Pelican, you won’t have to worry. Businesses you purchase from will be able to send you personalized discounts. If the owners of these businesses know you and your buying habits, they’ll send you great promotional deals. And since they’ll be tailored to your past purchasing decisions, they’ll be offers that interest you.

  1. RetailMeNot

Download the RetailMeNot extension for Chrome if you want to make saving a piece of cake. It automatically applies cash back options and promo codes when you purchase online. You can save when you shop any of the 20,000+ stores that use RetailMeNot. And, yes, many of your favorite retailers are included like Target, DoorDash, and Macy’s. You won’t have to search for coupons — the coupons will seek you out and make shopping less costly.

  1. Cently

Use Cently if you want to save money when patronizing thousands of stores online. The Chrome extension will show coupon codes when you arrive at the checkout section. You can also use Cently’s Amazon Best Price feature to get alerts if a cheaper product is available from a different Amazon seller. It is about shopping more wisely and saving in the process.

  1. Piggy

You can use this Chrome extension to find the lowest price. But Piggy will automatically apply the codes and cash back offers at check out. It’ll work with thousands of online retailers. So, if you like to shop online at retailers like eBay and Amazon, you ought to download Piggy.

When considering the impact inflation has had on the cost of goods and services, you can appreciate the importance of saving money when and where you can. Using the Chrome extensions above will help you save on the items you need. Why pay more than necessary? You can get more for your hard-earned dollar, and these extensions are one way to do so.