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An Introduction to BetZillion with Jimmy Daytona

A Sneak Peek into the Vibrant World of BetZillion: Perhaps the Best Betting-Help Platform

Online gambling is gradually becoming one of the biggest industries in the world, financially speaking. The number of online betting sites has skyrocketed in the last two decades, and so has the number of bettors worldwide.

While all of this is supposed to be very good for the industry, it comes with an interesting problem. Which betting sites can you trust? What payment methods should you use for them? How do you know if your data is safe on the website?

Thankfully, many companies have dedicated their business model to answering these questions for real money gamblers. BetZillion is one of them in the UK. Here at Sometimes Interesting, we’re lucky to have Jimmy Daytona among us. Jimmy is a betting expert currently working at BetZillion.

Throughout this post, he’ll educate us on BetZillion, what it does, and what makes it a trusted platform for British punters.

Sometimes Interesting Asks Jimmy Daytona: What’s the Legal Situation of Gambling in the UK?

Before we get too deep, we want to ensure we start on the right foot. And the best way to do that is to ensure that we’re not endorsing something illegal in the country.

Jimmy quickly diminished our worries as he explained that online and offline gambling is legal in the UK. Of course, you must attain the services via legal channels. The governing body to take care of everything is the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. The UK government currently uses the Gambling Act of 2005 as the baseline legislation.

Online gambling typically covers both sports betting and casino games. Unlike other jurisdictions like Malta, an operator doesn’t need separate licenses to offer both. A single license from the UKGC will do the trick.

Jimmy Dayton emphasizes that you should always check for the UKGC license before betting on an actual money website. The license is your way of confirming the legitimacy of the operator.

What Is BetZillion?

Returning to our discussion’s focus on this post, what is BetZillion?

Jimmy’s answer was pretty straightforward. He quoted the website’s motto verbatim, “BetZillion is your go-to guide when it comes to online sports betting: bookmaker reviews, latest sports news, best deals, and bonuses”.

That’s a perfect answer to our question. Upon further insistence, Jimmy agreed to go a little deeper into the discussion of what happens at the company. He explained the operations based on the purpose of different sections on the website. In this video – you will find a bit more information.

Bookmaker Reviews

Bookmaker or sportsbook reviews are one of the highlights of BetZillion, and the employees take pride in it. You don’t get to see many unbiased online sportsbook reviews on the internet these days. Everyone is trying to make money through these businesses, so they somewhat sugarcoat the reality.

Jimmy strongly believes that they create some of the most transparent online betting sites reviews you can get your hands on. But not BetZillion reviews. The writers are former bettors who have extensive experience in the field.

What sports are offered, what markets each sport offers, what payment methods users can get, what the bonuses are, etc. some of the first things to get checked. They spend a lot of time using the betting sites they review. And yes, they spend real money to get the experience of the platforms.

But that’s not the end of it. Other areas that usually don’t get too much attention get all the attention from BetZillion reviewers. The compatibility and usability of the website are two of the main ones.

According to Jimmy, an online sportsbook can offer all the sports events for betting in the world at spectacular odds, but if the website is not optimized enough, it won’t work. Online sports betting is a very hands-on experience, so you’ll need to use the website all the time.

Imagine using a website that doesn’t want to load. But you want it to load because you know the odds are excellent on the site. Such a frustrating experience, isn’t it?

Betting Site Lists

Sure, you can read the reviews done by BetZillion on the website. But our question to Jimmy Daytona was how online gambling could know which review to read. There must be hundreds of them!

That’s when he told us about the list of betting sites you can access from the main menu. This section is sorted by various aspects of the betting sites you might be looking for. Jimmy has been kind enough to list some of those aspects for us.

  1. By Region: This is by far the most used one simply because the availability of online betting sites varies considerably based on where the bettor is. BetZillion is an international company that deals with audiences from around the world, including the UK. When you choose the UK as your region, you’ll get the best betting sites that accept players from the UK.
  2. By Payment Method: Many bettors are very serious about their online security. As the most significant area of a security breach is online payments, bettors prefer specific payment methods over others. That’s why BetZillion has a section where betting sites are ranked based on payment methods. For example, if you’re looking for PayPal sportsbooks in the UK, you’ll find all of them listed on a single page!
  3. By Feature: Enthusiast-grade bettors prefer features over any other aspect when choosing their betting site. Features like live betting, mobile apps, offshore/local, cash out, betting exchange, etc., usually precede their choice.
  4. By Sports: The last one is quite obvious. When people look for platforms to bet on sports, they have one or at most two marks in mind. They’re not trying to bet on every single sport available to humans. BetZillion allows visitors to sort betting sites by football, ice hockey, baseball, MMA, American football, boxing, and many other sports.

Jimmy Daytona to Sometimes Interesting: How to Learn

Jimmy and all the other employees at BetZillion believe that bettors should be independent. They shouldn’t blindly follow a platform to know which betting sites are good and bad.

From that thought came the “Learn” section on the main menu of BetZillion. It is where visitors can find all the guides, sports betting strategies, and blogs. This entire section is dedicated to educating visitors on different types of betting, what other terms mean, how to use methods, and everything else that matters.

Tips & Predictions

The only section left out in this discussion is the “Tips and Predictions” tab on the main menu. In the iGaming industry, tips do pretty much the same thing as you’d expect them to but in an objective way.

A good example is the “2023 HSBC World Sevens Series Hong Kong Betting Preview and Predictions” tip.

If you haven’t guessed already, this tip includes

  • the possible winner odds for the tournament,
  • predictions for what might happen,
  • what things will impact the odds,
  • and so on.

While these tips are not 100% accurate, and BetZillion never claims that they are, they are a great way to get a general idea of what you’re getting into.