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A guide to betting on the men’s US Open

The US Open is nearly here again, and betting on the men’s side of the tournament is certainly not going to be easy. However, with more markets than ever and plenty of statistics to use to come up with your bet ideas, there is a chance to make a profit if you are savvy.

If you’re the sort of person who will spend hours looking at the odds for the US Open, then there’s every chance you don’t mind putting in a bit of research to see who is likely to perform well, and using this as the basis of your gambling.

In this guide, we’re sharing our tips on betting on the US Open, what it is likely to look like in 2022 and how you can ensure that you are getting the best odds and giving yourself a decent chance.

Avoid the “tournament winner” market (unless you enjoy a surprise)

The sportsbook companies seem pretty certain that the winner will be one of two or three players, and Novak Djokovic is odds-on favorite to win the tournament. This means that there isn’t much value to be had betting on one of the favorites.

When you consider how many players could win, the fact that you will struggle to get odds of even 2/1 on Djokovic means that there isn’t much value in the market. If you think an outsider is going to win – just as Emma Raducanu won the women’s tournament last year – this could be a market to consider.

Check the form leading into the tournament

There are still matches to be played in the run-up to the tournament, and the form could change. It is definitely worth keeping a close eye on the world of tennis in the lead-up to the US Open getting under way.

You don’t have to bet on outrights for the tournament, either, and the form as the tournament progresses may inform how you bet in the later stages. For example, if someone such as Cameron Norrie suddenly impresses you and looks to replicate their form of getting to the Wimbledon semifinal, you could decide to bet on him to reach the semifinal or even the final of the tournament.

Whenever you are gambling on any sport, form should be a big consideration. There are plenty of players who will want to play at the US Open, as it is such a big and prestigious event, but they might struggle with form.

Consider injuries

There’s something of a changing of the guard going on in men’s tennis at the moment, and players who may have been considered favorites in recent years have attracted plenty of injuries. For example, Rafael Nadal has been suffering and even pulled out of a warm-up event in Montreal.

These injuries can be signs that the players will not be participating, or that if they do make the US Open, they might be carrying injuries throughout.

Check the different markets

This isn’t a relatively new sport like pickleball. Tennis is an established sport, and as such it is one that people gamble on a lot. That means there are many opportunities for people to make money in markets other than the simple “win markets”.

For example, if you think that a match could go to the wire then there are markets related to how many sets are played, and even whether both players in a fixture will win a set.

Both in individual matches and the tournament as a whole, there are also other markets to consider, such as tournament aces. Who will score the most aces in the overall tournament? Is there a big server who you fancy to go a long way in the tournament? They could be a good bet.

Always check for the best odds

Sportsbooks need to be competitive and this means offering you the best odds. If you are looking into a tennis fixture or tournament and you plan to lay a bet, it makes sense to check which of the sportsbook companies is going to give you the best odds.

It may surprise you to learn how much they can vary. Someone may be 25/1 to win the tournament with one sportsbook and 50/1 with another. It obviously makes sense to go with the company offering longer odds to maximize your potential winnings. There’s no guarantee, but you should always make sure you get the best returns if you do happen to win.