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7 Branded Gifts to Get Your Employees

As of late, branded gifts have become quite popular in corporate circles. One obvious benefit for a company is that it can keep a stock of branded items and easily give them out on special occasions, such as a birthday or a new employee joining the company. This helps to promote the company’s name and image far beyond the bounds of the office. If you’re aiming to join in this trend and dole out branded gifts, the suggestions below may be useful.

1. Mugs

A classic gift – a mug brings actual value to a kitchen. Not only does it create variety in how a person can consume their favorite beverages, but mugs are also perfect conversation starters that can open the door to new people learning about your company.

2. Notepads

Custom notepads are very practical in that you can never have too many of them, and they can be used for hundreds of things: from scribbling thoughts to sketching to writing lesson notes. In terms of customization, you can add a person’s name to the print – even a design that relates to their personality/history.

3. Blankets

It’s always nice to have blankets around, provided that you don’t live in a country where it’s always warm. Just think about it: any blankets you give out will probably serve for decades, keeping the company name in the eye and memory of multiple people.

4. Tote bags

Tote/travel bags are universal for people of different genders and sizes and also happen to be one of the most common items carried in public settings. You can shop around at local suppliers and find a bag type that fits your budget and preferences. For example, bags made of canvas, denim, and leather are very nice to carry but tend to be more expensive than cotton or nylon.

5. Sweatshirts

Great for boosting brand visibility and keeping your employees warm. As you prepare your stock of sweatshirts, you should keep in mind the different body sizes and shapes you may need to accommodate – and the longevity of the prints. Be sure to check the quality of the ink on the print and how it’s cured to avoid a subpar product that forms cracks after a few cycles of washing.

6. Gift sets

If you really want to personalize a present for employees, gift sets are the way to go. Usually, you gift a box or pouch with company branding – containing all sorts of goodies inside based on the person’s tastes and preferences. It could be various sweets, gift certificates/tickets, small accessories, and all kinds of compact items you come up with.

7. Water bottles

This may not be the most creative gift, but it’s nonetheless very handy. Water bottles often get lost or misplaced, so gifting a new one is relatively affordable, while providing ample value to the employee. If you’re gifting during the cold months, you might consider a branded thermos or thermal mug instead.