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5 Ways to Learn English Vocabulary Fast

English is an international language which is used worldwide. It is used as a global communication language in every sector. So it is very important to learn proper English to be successful in your career. However, learning alone is not enough in today’s age. To be better than others, and to do that, knowing your vocabulary is very important.

Vocabulary is basically words used to build a language. There are nearly 171,146 English words. These are called the core elements of a language. To improve English, it is very important to be good at vocabulary. By knowing these new words, you can know more antonyms and synonyms of a single word. It can help you speak English better and be good at communication. People who are better at English gain more success in their career than others. Learning new vocabulary might sound confusing, but you can just simply find an online English tutor to do so. You can also find online Spanish tutors on Amazingtalker!

5 Ways to Learn English Vocabulary Fast


Reading is the best way to improve one’s vocabulary. By reading books or articles, you can learn many new words and phrases. It is not mandatory to read textbooks or dictionaries to learn it. But it will be very effective if you read the dictionary because it has many words in it. If you feel bored, you can read comics, novels, fairy tales, or magazines. You can also read online articles and forums to increase your vocabulary and prepare for the future. By reading, you not only learn new words, but you also learn how and when they are used.


Humans remember things better when they write after reading. So it would be helpful if you built the habit of writing. When you learn new words, you can write stories using them or practice them normally. This way you will learn to use these new words and it will be in your brain for a longer time. Or you can use flash cards for writing. This way you can play with them later and it is a fun way to learn new words, so why not? It is a proven way of learning new things faster. So you can try this method without any tension.


Vocabulary is not limited to reading and writing. Speaking is also important for learning new words. If you do not speak the words you learn, it will be a total waste of time. To make it easier, find a speaking partner. He or she can be native or foreign. The only thing that matters is that you have to speak with someone and practice it on a daily basis. Try talking about your daily routine with your speaking partner; it will improve your English vocabulary. If you do not have a physical person to talk with, join online forums where many people are ready to be someone’s speaking partner.


It is natural to get bored with books and writing. To kill your boredom, you can play word games, which will improve your English at the same time. You can play flashcard games or word bingo to learn new vocabulary. It is a fun and effective activity that everyone likes to do. You can also play these games online.When you learn a new word from these games, try to note it down for future practice. By playing these games, you can learn more synonyms and antonyms of words, so try this method for betterment.


After you have learned new words, it is time to use them practically. It will be a practice of what you learned and where to use it. After learning new words, write them down and remember them properly. Then try writing blogs using those words. You can write them with pen and paper or type them online. It is up to you how you want to use them. This will give you more confidence to stand up and speak in front of someone and sharpen your vocabulary skills. Then check it with someone who is an expert in English or check the errors using online plugins like Grammarly.


As you have reached here, you have already read our tips. So it is up to you how you want to execute these methods. The main thing is practice. Practice makes a man perfect. You have to practice daily to improve your vocabulary day by day. It will not be fixed in one day. Remember, Rome was not built in a day. There will be times when you will feel low. Be strong and do not kick yourself for losing hope and giving up. The best thing you can do for yourself is to be hopeful that you can improve your English and learn new words day by day.