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5 Timeless And Beautiful Kitchen Colour Schemes

The kitchen should be a place where you feel inspired and comfortable. Nothing can kill your kitchen creativity more than drab paint colours. Indeed, a simple coat of paint can completely change the look and mood of a room, but only a handful of colours have stood the test of time. 

Consider playing around with the colour scheme in your kitchen if you’re looking to spice up the interior. But how will you know what colour schemes are a go and which are a no? 

We’ve listed the top 5 timeless colour schemes to help you transform your kitchen space.

1. Classic Black and White

It’s no lie that when people think about the black and white colour combination, they think of class. Black and white is a classic combo that has crept up in interior décor and fashion. The contrast is strong, but a benefit is that it makes professional interior painting and kitchen accessories pop. Black and white are neutral, so almost anything will look good in your kitchen with this colour scheme.

We recommend looking for the purest black and crispest white when painting the kitchen or looking at countertops, cabinets, or tables. If the black is too strong of a contrast, consider going glossy as it will complement the lighter colours of the kitchen. You can even consider the classic black and white checkered floors for your kitchen. Talk about a classic!

Introduce Some Grey 

If the white is too soft and the black is too harsh, you can add some balance by introducing a grey tone to your colour scheme. Since grey is the product of mixing black and white it will look right at home with other colours that accompany the two. 

2. Greige 

Greige, aka a grey beige, is a neutral, timeless choice for a kitchen. It can be difficult finding additional colours to accompany your colour of choice. However, greige works with an array of other colours, such as: 

  • Blue.
  • Brown.
  • Green.
  • Ivory.
  • Gold.

Greige provides a feeling of warmth to the kitchen. It also can be accentuated by the right additional colours and accessories. 

3. Navy Blue and Cream

Let’s face it, navy blue is a sophisticated and timeless colour. What should accompany it? Cream colours are perfect for kitchen spaces as they reflect light nicely and complement the darker tone of a navy blue. We recommend using a cream colour that doesn’t appear too yellow. Think coastal colours, rather than harsher dark shades. 

How About a Feature Colour?

If navy blue is too strong of a colour for the walls in your kitchen, consider painting the walls cream and using navy blue as a feature colour for your cabinets, island, or kitchen utensils. This way, your kitchen will have a warm but bright appearance while your navy features stand out. 

4. Wood and White

If you prefer a natural look for your kitchen, you can’t get more natural than wood. There are numerous types of wood you can use, such as timber, oak, or pine. Nothing makes the wood look better than the colour white. White beautifully contrasts with wood and provides your kitchen with a cozy, rustic aesthetic that is both visually appealing and practical. 

You don’t necessarily have to put up wood paneling or anything like that. Keep it simple. Paint the walls with a nice crisp white and stick to custom wooden tables, countertops, islands, or chairs. 

5. Natural Earth Tones 

We know that hearing “natural earth tones” may bring some boring combinations to mind but hear us out. Earth tones are some of the most natural and neutral colour schemes you can choose for a kitchen space. 

Some examples of earth tones include:

  • Forest green.
  • Desert yellow.
  • Charcoal grey.
  • Earth brown.
  • Cedar.
  • Evergreen forest. 
  • Blue Lagoon.
  • Arctic dusk.
  • Burnt orange.
  • Beet red.
  • Wax yellow.

There are many fun combinations when choosing earth tones as your kitchen colour scheme. Look for schemes that match the tones of stone, wood, or sand. These schemes will portray your kitchen as a welcoming and calming place. You can also find some strong earth tones that give your kitchen that extra pop you’re looking for. 

Colour scheme variations have virtually no end. You can conjure up numerous schemes and still find ten more ideas that could work in your kitchen. Remember, if you don’t like the colours you choose, you can always repaint and start anew. That’s the beauty of paint and decorating. For more guidance, you can always contact paint professionals or interior decorators to generate more ideas.