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5 Payment Options For Nearly Instant Withdrawals From Online Casinos

Every gambler wants to receive the winnings quickly and safely, however, there are so many withdrawal options nowadays that it is hard to figure out which one will be instant. One of the undoubtful choices for fast and safe withdrawals is PayPal which is one of the most popular payment services these days.

But how about the other payment solutions for secure and instant withdrawals from the best online casinos? If you are curious or in need to find a trustworthy service, keep reading the article.


Skrill is a leading international money transfer and payment solutions provider. They offer instant withdrawals and deposits in over 40 currencies, making them a convenient choice for online shoppers and gamblers. With Skrill, you can also take advantage of their fraud protection and buyer protection services.

In terms of withdrawal time, Skrill is one of the quickest providers, with most transactions being processed instantaneously. This makes it a great choice for those who need access to their funds quickly. Overall, Skrill is a reliable and convenient option for those looking for an easy way to send and receive payments.


Neteller is one of the leading e-wallet providers in the world, offering instant withdrawals and a range of payment solutions. With Neteller, you can quickly and easily withdraw funds from your online account, making it an ideal solution for online gamblers who want to receive instant winnings from real money online slot machines.

The withdrawal process is simple and straightforward, and you can typically expect to receive your funds within 24 hours. In addition, Neteller offers a number of bonuses and promotions, making it an attractive option for instant withdrawal casino players.


UPayCard offers instant withdrawals and is a great payment solution for legit online casinos that pay real money. Withdrawals are instant, so you can get your winnings as soon as possible. UPayCard also offers a wide range of payment solutions, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Withdrawals are quick and easy, and you can get your money as soon as you win. UPayCard is a great choice for online casinos and is a great way to get your winnings quickly.


Trustly is a fin-tech company that offers instant withdrawal solutions to its customers. The company has grown rapidly and now serves over 2,500 banks in 29 European countries. Trustly is licensed by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and is a member of the European Payment Institutions Federation. Trustly also has a partnership with Visa and Mastercard.

Trustly offers a number of advantages to its users. It offers instant withdrawals, which means that users can access their funds as soon as they have made a successful transaction. Moreover, Trustly is a very secure payment solution, with state-of-the-art security features such as two-factor authentication and SSL encryption.

Trustly is very convenient to use, as it is available on both desktop and mobile devices. Finally, Trustly has a very efficient customer support team who are always on hand to help resolve any issues that may arise.


Zelle is a payment processing solution that offers fast withdrawals for online casinos. This can be a huge benefit for businesses that need access to their funds quickly, as it eliminates the need for waiting periods or delays. Additionally, Zelle offers a number of other payment solutions that can help businesses streamline their operations.

For example, Zelle can be used to process payments for online invoices, making it a convenient option for businesses that conduct most of their transactions online. Overall, Zelle is an excellent choice for businesses that need instant access to their funds and want to streamline their payment processes.

Factors That May Cause a Delay of Withdrawal

While most payment solutions allow for instant withdrawals, there are a number of factors that may cause a delay in the processing of your withdrawal request. These can include errors in the information you provide, insufficient funds in your account, or issues with the payment solution itself. In some cases, a delay may also be caused by the receiving bank or financial institution.

If you are experiencing a delay in your withdrawal, we recommend contacting your bank or payment solution provider to determine the cause. Once the issue has been resolved, you should be able to receive your funds instantaneously.


When it comes to online gambling, instant withdrawals are a must. No one wants to wait around for their winnings, and that’s why the best online casinos offer a variety of payment solutions. From e-wallets to cryptocurrency, there are plenty of options for getting your money out fast.