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5 of the Best Exterior Home Renovation Projects to Consider

Do you know the total projected amount of home improvement sales for this year? The answer is a whopping $465 billion, up from $394 billion in 2018. 

Are you interested in pursuing a home improvement project on the exterior of your residence? If so, you’ll want to contemplate some of the best projects to transform the outside of your home. There are many options to give your outdoor living space a new lease on life.

What follows are five of the best exterior home renovation projects to consider.

  1. Landscaping

Do you want to transform your backyard into the type of space fit for a fun staycation? Landscaping might be the answer. The only limits to what you can do are your imagination, budget, and perhaps any city codes applicable to whatever you might be thinking about. 

You could add a walkway to your backyard, some trees, one or more flower gardens, or even a pond. While you could potentially do the landscaping as a DIY project, some projects will be better executed by professionals with the right equipment and know-how.

If you’re unsure about what to do landscaping-wise, you can get some inspiration online or call a landscaper for a consultation. With the right game plan, you can transform your outdoor space.

  1. Retaining Wall

A retaining wall is a wall made of rocks, concrete, or other material designed to support soil laterally. Adding one to your property can restrain soil to a slope in a way that would not be possible naturally. They’re not only useful —  providing places to plant gardens and do other things — but also aesthetically pleasing. 

In fact, a retaining wall will beautify your property and will increase its valuation. That’s why more and more homeowners are getting them constructed. It’s an outdoor project you should consider if exterior projects are on the agenda.

“Something we’ve done for clients that have been really well received is to build sitting areas around firepits that are actually recessed two feet into the ground, with retaining walls surrounding them that double as seating areas,” says Angel Khan, owner of Rainier Rockeries

According to Khan, homeowners thinking about tackling this type of project on their own need to remember the importance of proper drainage. He notes that adequate drainage can turn a fire pit area into a pond in a heavy rainstorm. When in doubt, it pays to hire a professional.

  1. Swimming Pool

According to one source, there are 10.5 residential swimming pools in the U.S. And about 15% of households in the country have one. So, they’re not as widespread as you might think. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t a great idea if you have the space, budget, and interest.

You can transform your backyard in a significant way by adding a swimming pool. Combining a swimming pool, with a back deck, and patio cover will make spending time at home fun.

  1. Outdoor Kitchen

Spending time outside has its benefits. It can, among other things, lower stress and anxiety, reduce blood pressure, enhance immunity, and even boost moods. If you’re looking for a way to encourage your family to spend more time outside, consider getting an outdoor kitchen. You can create one with just about anything you have in your indoor kitchen. Yes, that even means a sink with running water. You can keep it simple or go all out.

  1. Driveway

Is your driveway looking the worse for wear? If so, it might be time to have it taken care of. Consider hiring a company to restore it to its former glory. A damaged driveway will only get worse if the damage isn’t fixed properly and in a timely manner. So, it makes sense to fix it up. Doing so will add to the exterior aesthetics of your home.

You can go with these five recommendations or go in another direction entirely. But if you need ideas about where to start with exterior home improvement projects, the abovementioned projects are a great place to start.