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5 Birthday Gifts Perfect for Tech-Lovers

Gift buying is supposed to be an enjoyable experience, but it’s often anything but that. Knowing what to give your loved one can be challenging, especially if they are the type to buy everything they want themselves.

Thankfully, if you have a tech lover in your life, there are plenty of great options to choose from. The best part is that there is something to cover all different budgets.

Want to learn more? Below we will take a look at just five excellent gift ideas that you might want to take into consideration.


Without a doubt, one of the safest birthday gifts that every tech-lover will enjoy is a pair of headphones. We reach for them every day, so you can guarantee your friend or family member will get use out of them.

You can even go the extra mile and get them a pair of comfortable replacement tips to make their sound experience even more enjoyable. Check out these ones for the 64 audio u12t to get started.

Digital Photo Frame

A photo frame with a treasured memory is a standard gift to give. However, it’s possible to take things one step further with a digital frame.

You can upload it with your favorite pictures and videos, making it a sweet and sentimental tech present. It really is a perfect choice for those wanting something a bit more meaningful.

Portable Projector

While many of us regularly use our mobile phones and tablets to watch movies, sometimes you want something a little bigger. A portable projector allows you to feel like you’re in the theatre and can be set up anywhere.

Some are so small that they can fit easily in the palm of your hand. However, you can opt for larger designs that will display outside for the ultimate backyard movie night experience.

Tile Tracker

Does your friend regularly lose their keys or other essential items? Well, there is a gadget for that! The tile tracker works by using Bluetooth technology that connects to your phone.

When an item goes missing, simply click on the app, and the tile will play a tune so that you can locate it. It will also show you the tile’s last location (taken from your phone’s location), so you can retrace your steps.

Wireless Portable Powerbank

Lastly, with all the great gadgets your loved one owns, they will want to keep them charged! A wireless portable power bank is an excellent gift and solution so that they never have to worry about running out of power again.

Just make sure that you consider the size before you make a purchase. Smaller ones are great for mobile phones, but you may require something larger for bigger devices.

Final Words

And that’s it! These were five birthday gifts that are perfect for tech-lovers. So, if you’re struggling to find something great, keep in mind the above!

Are there any other suggestions that you would consider adding to this list?