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The equipment you’ll need to work from home in 2022

Working from home has been a common exercise in some organizations even before the pandemic hit. Not all companies are open to this way, but the pandemic has forced many to adopt this practice.

The inevitable transition to work from home in 2022 has paved the way for the equipment. This is where the employees can work comfortably away from the office. Investing in the right equipment does not cost much. For instance, you can go for the ergonomic chair, monitor stand, a sit-stand desk that suits you best. Many right gears will increase your productivity, make you healthier and happier, and improve your work while at home.

The equipment you’ll need to work from home in 2022

1. External monitor

The equipment you’ll need to work from home in 2022 is the external monitor. The screen of a laptop

may not be enough, especially if you are working with multiple or large monitors. The price of the external monitors largely depends on their quality, features, and size, but entry-level models can be pretty affordable.

If you are setting up a short-term home office, you do not have to buy the best monitor on the market. Make sure you pick the one that suits your work needs. If you do a lot of video or graphics work, you need a high-resolution monitor and accurate colors. However, these things don’t matter as much if you work around numbers and words.

Monitors are usually available in different sizes. Therefore, consider the space available, how frequently you plan to move them, and the chair and desk height. A larger screen may not be the best for your needs.

The portable monitor gives you additional flexibility if you need to pack up the home office every day or if you need to travel and work in future. However, they are smaller than regular monitors, so confirm the resolution and size are enough for your requirements.

2. Monitor stand

When working from home, there is a real risk of endless strain injuries. It is easy to get uncomfortable on the couch or at a desk or table that isn’t the right height for extended computing use. Placing the screen below the eye line often strains your back and neck, particularly if you do it for long periods.

The monitor stand is a simple and inexpensive way to improve your posture and airflow to keep the laptop cool in hot weather. Good stands come in all sizes, prices, and shapes, including many budget options.

Ensure the adjustable height settings are large enough to fit the laptop model. There are collapsible laptop models for those who work in different locations in their homes or want to take their laptops with them on the road.

3. Mouse and wireless keyboard

If you want to work from home in 2022, creating an environment that suits your needs is good. It is recommended to go for the mouse and wireless keyboard. If you put the laptop on the stand as needed above, or use the external keyboard at the workplace, go for one.

You will not pay much for a generic wireless keyboard which does the work. Look for a long-lasting battery to ensure you do not spend much time charging than using it. Typically, if you are working with numbers, go for the model with a separate numeric keyboard.

Pay attention to the noise level. Some keyboards are louder than the others, which can be a real challenge in small rooms. The same thing goes for the mouse. If you are used to using it at work, you require one at home.

Daily use of a laptop touchpad can rapidly lead to sores in the wrist and hand. You can buy the best wireless mouse with some money or spend a bit more to add valuable features.

4. Ergonomic chair

Another equipment you’ll need to work from home in 2022 is the ergonomic chair. Considering how much time you spend on it, the chair must be comfortable and the right height for the desk. Find one with the height adjustment and lumbar support that fits your needs.

Castors and armrests for easy movement are strictly unnecessary but still worth it. If the new ergonomic chair is not in your budget, you can always remodel your current chair to make it a little more comfortable. Cushions and backrests are affordable, easier to find, and more portable than the new ones.

5. Sit stand desk

While working from home saves people from a stressful everyday commute, it can also lead to an inactive and unhealthy lifestyle. Sitting all day can lead to some health problems. These include neck and back issues, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, and muscle degeneration.

A sit stand desk helps to reduce these health risks. You can burn 100-200 calories in one hour just by standing. Equally important, it reduces the likelihood of developing neck pain or back problems. You can focus more on the tasks, increasing your daily productivity.


An adequate gear you need while working from home can help you make the entire work transition. Knowing which equipment you’ll need to work from home in 2022 is worth investing to give you a fully serviceable home office that supports your well-being and health. Expand your career from home with the above equipment.