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4 Tips to Overcome Biker Bias and Win Fair Compensation

Motorcycle accidents account for a lot more injuries and fatalities than other transportation modes. The astonishingly high number of motorbike accidents often pushes the general population to form a negative opinion about the riders.

Motorcycle riders struggle with the reputation of being dangerous drivers and are often considered responsible for traffic mishaps across the US. As the wider public opinion continues to paint a hopeless image of motorcyclists, the bias often translates into the actions of law enforcement as they fail to obtain enough details of what actually happened in case of a bike accident.

If you have been involved in a bike collision and are a victim of “biker bias,” you might need motorcycle accident attorneys to navigate the legal process and secure the rightful compensation you deserve.

In what follows, we look at what motorcycle bias is and offer a few tips to help you overcome the implications of this discrimination.

Motorcycle Bias – Overview

Biker bias, or motorcycle bias, is a negative stereotype associated with individuals who use motorbikes to commute. Since bikers are more prone to accidents because of their vehicle’s small size, stability issues, and lack of

protection, it is commonly believed that motorbike riders are at-fault for most road crashes.

Due to this bias, injured riders have to deal with stigmatized behavior by doctors, insurance companies, police, and even eyewitnesses.

Why Biker Bias Can Be Dangerous    

Motorcycle bias can have serious implications for the injured survivor of a road accident. Moreover, it can discourage other road drivers from taking proper safety precautions when around motorbikes, as the latter often have to bear the responsibility of the crash. The results can be devastating as it can further increase the number of serious road collisions and associated injuries and fatalities.

Here are a few reasons why this bias can be dangerous.

Diminished Damages for the Plaintiff

Given the smaller size, motorbikes are often more likely to be involved in a vehicle collision.

However, because of the bias, many drivers may not evaluate the situation properly and assess their faults on the road, which could possibly lead to an accident. Instead, the motorcyclist is blamed. This unfair evaluation can affect the damages the bike rider may claim and receive. In some cases, it can lead to diminished damages for the victim or even no compensation.

Lower Settlement Offers by Insurance Companies

Another serious implication of motorcycle bias is that it can lead to a lower settlement offer by insurance companies. The insurance adjuster may offer a much lower settlement than they would have offered for a car crash.

4 Tips to Combat Motorcycle Bias

Present Safe Driving Record

A clear, safe driving record can protect riders against biker bias. If you have a valid license, wear appropriate protective gear, maintain a safe distance from other vehicles, and have never driven drunk, all of this can add value to your case. Moreover, if you have enrolled in defensive driving courses, it can further strengthen your position to combat bias against motorbike riders.

Provide Relevant Medical Evidence

The injuries you have sustained during the crash can serve as credible evidence for your lawsuit. Ensure you provide relevant medical reports

that give a clear picture of all the implications of a crash you have experienced.

Collaborate with Credible Witness

Your account of the accident is important for the court. However, the statement of a witness can validate or negate your claim. Hence, you must collaborate with a reliable witness who can present an objective and unbiased account of the crash.

Hire Legal Assistance

When a road accident involves a motorcycle, the rider has to experience bias at every step. One of the best ways to solve this problem is to work with a legal assistant who can conduct an investigation and study all of the available evidence to build a credible case to protect your rights.

Claim the Compensation You Deserve

If you survived a motorcycle collision with another vehicle, you must file a claim to obtain the full compensation you deserve. With a legal team by your side, you can conveniently combat any unfair circumstances.