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4 Inspiring Smart Gardening Ideas for Decorating with Indoor Plants in Every Room


Bringing in plants takes your interior aesthetics to a whole new level. It is one of the easiest tasks you can do to convert your house into a complete home. Indoor plants, in all of their greenery glory, provide a burst of freshness and allow your loved ones to get connected to nature.

The benefits that indoor plants offer stretch beyond aesthetics. Houseplants can also help significantly boost your family’s mood and reduce stress levels. With smart planting of indoor plants, you can add an extra touch to your home’s interior decoration with these gardening ideas. Let’s find out more.

Start With Hydroponics

Why start with hydroponics? If you are a new plant parent, it’s advisable to start your indoor gardening journey with something you can easily manage. And hydroponics ticks all the boxes right. Hydroponics provides you with the opportunity to grow a plethora of plants indoors in the absence of soil.

Your plants only need a water and nutrient solution to grow healthy. Is this really easy for a newbie? While you can create your DIY hydroponics system, many readymade gardens are available out there to pick from.

With these smart planting indoor gardens, the major task you have is to harvest the produce. Many users grow food plants, but they are also ideal for other types of plants, including flowers. Hydroponic systems come with everything, from seeds and LED light sources to timers and mobile applications.

Once you install a hydroponic tower system in that corner of your living room, you only need to watch as your plants convert into fresh food, attractive flowers, or foliage. Hydroponics is ideal whether you want to utilize corners or those spaces on your kitchen windows.

Find Creative Ways to Blend Textures and Colors

To make your decoration unique and appealing, try to mix a variety of plants. For example, when using a hydroponics tower system, you can easily mix vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers. A single tower provides you with different layers to take advantage of. When arranging your plants, try to combine those with slightly unique leaf colors, textures, patterns, and shapes.

You also need to be careful to avoid mixing plants with sharp and spiny features against soft ones. When using pots, experiment with taller plants at the back and put smaller ones in front using wider containers. Professional designers usually group different plants in odd numbers. However, you have the freedom to play with it until you achieve the design you want, and remember that there is no specific rule.

Play With Multiple Heights in One Pot or Hydroponic System

It doesn’t matter whether you have decided to go with a hydroponics or pot technique. This idea blends smoothly with any of these types of gardening. If you’ve space for a larger pot, you can create a lush oasis by simply under-planting a tall plant with smaller, cascading ones.

While you can use a larger cache pot and arrange your plants in separate plastic pots within the main one, you can also plant all of your greenery together. You can also play with this tactic for your hydroponic system, especially a vertical garden. You can include these plants to achieve your design:

  • Under-plants: Devil’s ivy, peace lily or heartleaf philodendron
  • Upright plants: Bird-of-paradise, rubber plant, or a fiddle-leaf fig

Make a DIY Display Stand

If you have enough space, you can decide to go with a DIY display stand. Your display stand can accommodate pots or a hydroponic tower garden. The choice will depend on your unique needs, and different materials are available for you to pick from.

You can construct a stand from recycled timber or some lightweight concrete/polystyrene bricks that you can easily find at hardware stores. Sand your materials and paint them before creating shelves, a bench, or use them upright as stands for your plants. Don’t limit your creativity; create whatever shape you feel comfortable with.

How Can Gardyn Help With Decorating Your Home with Indoor Plants?

Gardyn offers a smarter indoor hydroponic garden. The system uses the latest AI technology that includes sensors, cameras, and a mobile application to enable gardeners to monitor their smart gardens 24/7.

Gardyn’s kelbly monitors all stages of your plant’s growth and the health of the entire system. If it identifies a fault, you’ll find detailed and specific instructions on how to fix it perfectly. With Gardyn’s hydroponics system, you can do more at home or on a vacation.