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3 Fall Styles That Will Flatter Your Curves

After a long, grueling summer, fall is finally here! While the rest of the world has been obsessing over pumpkin spice and the Halloween section at Target, we have been dreaming of fall fashion. Cozy sweaters, riding boots and leather jackets are on our mind and we could not be more ready to retire our bikinis and sundresses to make room for them. We do have one major tip for all the curvy gals out there: don’t hide those curves! Those of us in curvier bodies tend to gravitate towards clothing that we can get lost in after months of revealing summer outfits. We are going to discuss how to flatter your curves this fall so you don’t end up hiding them in layers of baggy sweaters and loose cardigans. Keep reading to find out more.

1. Opt for Form-Fitting Tops

While we don’t want you to shy away from those oversized sweaters entirely, they are not necessarily the most flattering on curvier bodies. If you are someone who has a larger chest, loose clothing tends to hang down on your body at the point where your breasts stop. This can end up making you look larger or wider than you actually are. Or it just ends up hiding your fabulous curves, and we definitely don’t want that. As an alternative, go for more form fitting tops that you can tuck into high-waisted jeans or slacks. Then you can go for something more oversized in a jacket or cardigan. This will be more flattering because your shape is being defined by that fitted top. You can play with different styles here, but we are particularly fond of a fitted turtleneck sweater when it is tucked into loose or fitted slacks. Pair with some heeled booties and a scarf or hat for a complete look.

2. Finding the Right Pants

Finding the right fit on a pair of pants is a challenge for all body types. But in the case of curvy girls, there is a lot more variation when it comes to weight distribution. Some of us carry more weight in our thighs while others carry it in their waist and hips. Finding the right part of pants for fall requires you taking your body type into account. If you carry your weight around your upper thighs, a boot or flared cut pant will help to balance you out. Or if you carry weight in your stomach area, try to find a pair where the waistband falls at the smallest part of your waist or hips. You want to avoid waistbands that fall at the largest part of your body to help keep you looking great and feeling comfortable.

Don’t be afraid to shop the plus size section for pants as they often take a wider range of body types into account while designing their clothes. Also try to stay away from anything with side pockets if you want to avoid appearing wider then you are. Things like cargo pants can be great at making your legs appear larger due to the excess bulk of side pockets.

3. Transition Your Dresses and Skirts to Fall

Just because we are in the cooler months doesn’t mean that you have to retire all of your dresses. Some of your favorite dresses from spring and summer can be transitioned into stylish fall looks. Finding dresses that will flatter your curves will be a similar process to finding pants. The key is to know what works on your body. Empire waist dresses are great if you carry weight in your torso, and a more fitted body con dress will look great on the ladies with wider hips and thighs. Pair them with knee socks or tights, a long coat or sweater and a pair of tall boots for a complete look.

When it comes to skirts, you can dress them up in the same way that we did with the dresses. When choosing skirts to flatter your body, you have two main options: fitted or A-line. Similar to the body con dresses, fitted pencil skirts look great on girls who are more bottom heavy. But you can also never go wrong with a classic A-line skirt that cinches in at the waist.

Fall Fashion, Here We Come!

Fashionistas everywhere are preparing their best fall looks as we speak so make sure you get in on the fun and start planning out your fall wardrobe. Finding looks to flatter your curves is great, but the most important fashion tip we can give is to wear whatever makes you feel your best. Because let’s be honest, the best accessory that you can wear year-round is your confidence. Use some of these tips or just go with whatever makes you feel like the best version of yourself.