Project MKUltra

After the end of World War II, the climate of worldwide conflict changed and the dawn of the Cold War altered the direction of military strategy. The United States saw a need to establish an agency to conduct worldwide intelligence-gathering operations and to engage in espionage and counter-terrorism.

During the war, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) occupied this role. After the war, the National Security Act of 1947 officially established the Central Intelligence Agency with the intent to expand these operations and create a formal authority to oversee covert activities worldwide.


History & Scope

One of the first missions tasked of the new agency was to study behavioral engineering and mind control. Project MKUltra is thought to have first begun in the early 1950s, and for nearly 20 years the CIA’s programs would see countless unsuspecting Americans exposed to drugs, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, abuse, and torture. It wasn’t until the Church Committee Congressional hearings in 1975 that many of the CIA’s activities from MKUltra would come to light.

Unfortunately we’ll never know the full extent of the program after former CIA director Richard Helms ordered the destruction of MKUltra documents in 1973. But what we do know is alarming.

Dr. Sidney Gottlieb

Project MKUltra wasn’t the first sanctioned government program to study torture and brainwashing; early experiments into mind control during World War II were conducted by U.S. intelligence officials and former Nazi scientists under the name Operation Paperclip. More harm than good came from Paperclip, but the possibilities of mind control were too great for the CIA to ignore.

U.S. prisoners of war in Korea spoke of various techniques being tested by the Chinese & North Koreans for mind control, and the United States didn’t want to be left behind. To show commitment to the program, the CIA was authorized to commit 6% of their entire operating budget to Project MKUltra with no guidelines or oversight as to how it was spent. Dr. Sidney Gottlieb (pictured) was tasked to head the project which would officially begin in 1953.

MKUltra called for numerous mind control experiments to be conducted on a variety of patients. Secrecy was key; the paranoia of being infiltrated by a Cold War spy meant all operations would be segmented from each other to prevent any one person from understanding of the scope of the project. To maintain secrecy and avoid bias in results, researchers would either not tell the patients they were being given drugs or the patients would be lied to.

Over 44 different college and universities were used in Project MKUltra. In addition, numerous hospitals, prisons, and pharmaceutical companies were paid by CIA front companies to conduct various experiments without raising suspicion. In total over 80 separate research entities were paid through various CIA subprograms to conduct the experiments, and most of the researchers had no idea why they were running the experiments or for whom they were working.

Operations for MKUltra were so secretive, even the agents running the CIA front companies were alleged to have not known anything beyond their own operations.

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MK Ultra Objectives

The goal of MKUltra was to examine methods of controlling and influencing the mind – primarily for the extraction of information from resistant subjects during interrogation. There were nearly one hundred additional experiments: the feasibility of a brainwashed Manchurian candidate, the testing of drugs to cause amnesia, paralysis, and the inability to perform physical activity.

MKUltra also sought to find substances to cause paralysis, simulate the effects of alcohol, to increase paranoia, or to cause brain damage. This was just the tip of the iceberg for MKUltra – the experimentation did not stop there.

LSD as used in Project MKUltra.



MKUltra-6The early efforts of MKUltra involved the testing of Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD). First synthesized in 1938, the effect and power of LSD were still largely unknown by the 1950s. CIA operatives wanted to know if foreign intelligence agents could be made to defect against their will, and conversely if the same could be applied to United States operatives.

Finding thousands of willing test subjects for such a massive program, while maintaining secrecy, would be difficult. Officials determined the best way to conduct experimentation without arising public suspicion or tipping off the enemy was to not tell anybody – even the subjects.

Subjects the least likely to “put up a fight” were chosen. Nursing homes, prisons, and mental hospitals were popular sources for test subjects. LSD would also be administered to doctors, military personnel, CIA agents, and members of the general public – in most cases without their knowledge.

MKUltra-12One patient was given LSD for 174 days straight; another story told of patrons of brothels in San Francisco who were unknowingly drugged with LSD and observed, the assumption being they would be too embarrassed to talk. Those that were aware of their participation were usually poor, destitute, or taken advantage. Heroin addicts were exploited, bribed with offers of more heroin to participate.

There were allegations that scientists would hire and then drug prostitutes, knowing they would not go to the police or press charges. The few subjects who did volunteer were usually singled out for the more extreme experiments. One such case saw seven volunteers given LSD for 77 consecutive days.

LSD was not the only drug used during Project MKUltra. Many drugs were experimented with in the various tests, including but not limited to heroin, morphine, MDMA, mescaline, sodium pentothal, alcohol, and marijuana. Doctors also experimented with drug combinations, in one instance injecting a patient with barbiturates in one arm and amphetamines in another.




Dr. Frank Olson

Since most MKUltra records were destroyed, we don’t know the full scope of the program’s collateral damage. Despite this, we can say with some confidence there are some known deaths associated with the project.

Perhaps the most well-known death from the MKUltra program is that of Dr. Frank Olson (right), an army scientist and one of the researchers for the CIA’s bio-warfare program. Accounts vary, but according to Olson’s family he had become disenfranchised with the operations of the bio-warfare program and was looking for a way out.

After a CIA retreat at Deep Creek Lake where all agents were unknowingly given LSD, Dr. Olson suffered severe paranoia and a nervous breakdown. After an internal evaluation by an Agency psychiatrist, it was recommended Dr. Olson be placed in a mental institution for recovery. Unfortunately Dr. Olson would never make it to the institution; during his evaluation time in New York, Dr. Olson jumped to his death from his 10th floor hotel room window. To this day many believe Dr. Olson was “coerced” out of the window. When Dr. Olson died, any threat of exposure of the biowarfare program died with him. Although they would never admit involvement, the CIA would eventually offer Dr. Olson’s family a settlement of $750,000.

Another known death from Project MKUltra was that of professional tennis player Harold Blauer, who died in January of 1953 after a secret Army experiment with heavy dosages of MDA.


Hypnosis & Other Experimentation

Donald Ewen Cameron

Hypnosis was a large part of the program. The CIA recruited noted Scottish psychiatrist Donald Ewen Cameron (right), who had been experimenting with reprogramming the human psyche by erasing memories. Some of the experiments were inhumane and secretive enough to warrant the CIA moving Cameron’s operations to Canada, away from U.S. jurisdiction and the media’s eyes.

Cameron’s methods would involve putting patients into a drug-induced coma for several weeks while playing loops of repetitive noises or sounds. He would use electroshock therapy at 30-40 times normal power. He would use sensory deprivation, locking patients in a room with no stimulus for weeks at a time.

There was significant collateral damage from these experiments; Cameron’s his patients would become incontinent, start to develop amnesia, and in the most extreme cases forget who their parents were or even how to talk. Throughout his career Donald Cameron insisted he had honorable intentions of researching methods to correct schizophrenia through the reprogramming of the psyche, but the string of discarded patients who became permanently disabled under his care tell a different tale.

Many experts in the years since have debated Cameron’s methods and intent. Instead of noble intentions, they assert Cameron was designing a scientific system for extracting information from resistant sources (i.e. torture). Cameron’s detractors also like to point out he was paid handsomely and allowed to conduct his operations with virtually no oversight – a system ripe for abuse.

Unfortunately we’ll never know what Cameron observed or concluded from his experiments; he “died while hiking” in 1967, in the midst of Project MKUltra. For reasons unknown, Cameron’s family is said to have destroyed his records. While perhaps not as obvious as the case of Dr. Olson, there is lingering suspicion among some experts surrounding the series of events leading to Cameron’s death and the subsequent destruction of all his records.


Program Cancellation & The Church Committee

Frank-Church MKUltra
Senator Frank Church

The Watergate scandal in 1972 would start to bring major government impropriety to the public’s attention. Sensing the growing heat, CIA director Richard Helms ordered the cancellation of Project MKUltra and the immediate destruction of all associated documents and files. Helms was on the money; a New York Times article in December of 1974 would allege the CIA had conducted illegal domestic activities on unsuspecting American citizens.

This article prompted an investigation by Congress into the allegations, and a committee was appointed to head the investigation. Senator Frank Church (pictured at left) was appointed the chair of the committee named for him.

Despite Helms’ destruction order, some 20,000 documents relating to Project MKUltra survived the CIA’s purge. The documents escaped because they were financial and stored elsewhere (and were subsequently overlooked after the purge order). Being financial in nature, the documents would reveal little other than the players involved and how much was spent. The real discoveries during the investigation would come from interviews conducted by the Church Committee on those involved with Project MKUltra.

Those who were still alive and willing to talk, that is.

CIA Infiltrated 17 area groups, gave out LSD
Newspaper article reads: “CIA Infiltrated 17 Area Groups, Gave Out LSD.”


Findings & Results

In 1977 the U.S. Senate released a report on the findings of Project MKUltra. Senator Ted Kennedy revealed to the U.S. the CIA had indeed been testing on unwitting citizens, that the tests involved LSD, and there have been known deaths from the activities.

The CIA would later admit the tests made little scientific sense since, among other reasons, the agents doing the monitoring of MKUltra were not qualified scientific observers. Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, the person responsible for MKUltra, has said little on the record about the program other than admitting at his retirement in 1972 the results were “useless.”

A follow-up report from the U.S. General Accounting Office in 1984 would reveal that between 1940 and 1974, the CIA exposed thousands of human test subjects to hazardous substances. Of course, with no remaining program documents and few witnesses willing to talk, most expect the true numbers to be higher.


Notable Subjects & Related Theories

Kaczynski MkUltra
Theodore (Ted) Kaczynski.

Several notable people were unknowingly involved with Project MKUltra. Theodore Kaczynski (right) was a researcher for Harvard University between 1959 and 1962 when the school was carrying out experiments for MKUltra. He would later of course go on to become more well-known as the Unabomber.

Author Ken Kesey (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest) was one of the volunteers for the LSD-testing program of MKUltra, although at the time he thought it was just a research study conducted by his local VA hospital.

Grateful Dead member Robert Hunter was another volunteer for the program, but years later admitted he thought it was harmless research for an innocuous study at Stanford. The attorney for assassin Sirhan Sirhan asserts the convicted killer was under the influence of hypnosis from the MKUltra program when he shot Robert Kennedy in 1968.

Even more fringe theories exist. Some have proposed Jonestown in Guyana was actually one of the test sites for MKUltra, and that it was no coincidence outspoken CIA-critic Congressman Leo Ryan was assassinated on his visit.



It’s unlikely the CIA has terminated all experimental psychotherapy and drug-testing programs. The ever-changing climate of war suggests this type of experimentation isn’t going away anytime soon, either.

Official documents state Project MKUltra was terminated in 1973, although later evidence suggested the program merely continued on under a different name.

Some remaining MKUltra documents

In a 1977 interview, 14-year CIA veteran Victor Marchetti said the CIA’s claim Project MKUltra had been abandoned was a “cover story” and that experiments likely continue.

According to Marchetti, a re-allocation of the budget and a new acronym could likely extend the program’s life into the future indefinitely.



  1. The CIA learned well from the German scientists brought to the United States through operation paperclip. Now look what we have become.

    • Only insofar as MKUltra existed. They’re quite mad on other points, like the whole thing being a part of the Illuminati, reptillians, or whatever flavor of woo their particular dementia likes.

      Governments do terrible, evil things when nobody is looking. Ascribing secret societies, aliens, etc. to it does nobody any favors.

      • The sad part of mk victims is they want to believe the gov does care for its people. Its easier to believe an alien did it then the govt. Youll notice they all have the same conspiracy theories. Coincidence? I think not.
        The sad part is its all b.s.
        When you point out there was et talk in the 70’s and they have changed their looks magically since then you get blank stares.
        But alas if you had an et dream abduction implantation its hard to change your mind.
        Im just grateful i dont believe in ets so the likelihood of me getting “abducted” is slim to none. Furthermore many of the ets call themselves “jack” according to victims. Youd think the gov could come up with a bit more variety. If your gonna fuck with someones head, and then do it in the same way to someone else we might catch on…
        Its just more reason to take the schizo out to eat once in a blue moon. Youll never know what torture he endured because he thought the world would end if he didnt.
        He may have experienced oodles of radiation and 40 days without food so you could read this right now.
        That or he may have eaten too much lead or aluminum which led to his eventual psychosis. Sometimes its mkultra, sometimes its genetics, sometimes its birth control, sometimes its drugs, and sometimes its heavy metals. You never know what made him schizo, but if cigs or pot excacerbate it, its probably heavy metals (similar psychosis symptoms as wilsons disease, and the way to improve that one is to get the person off cigs and pot and lots of detox foods. Good luck haha).

        Im not saying our government is corrupt as shit, but im not saying they arent.

        It kind of reminds me of easter island. Were sad when we see the whole so we focus on making our heads perfect. And move them around with hemp haha… Meanwhile we turn our land to shit thinking if we pray a man with a white robe is going to fly across the sky on his white fuckin chariot with golden hair and magically fix the trees and take the fuckin extinct animals, breath in their crusty ass rotting corpse flesh and breathe them back to life so we can torture them all over again in the name of god. Yay 🙂
        It would be like the romans when it comes to distractions and lead in the dishware, except we destroyed more land in an effort to build empty boxes no one can afford to move into yay 🙂
        When it comes to building an empire out of toothpicks we did a great fuckin job. Lets steal everyone elses ideas, do a half ass job, up the prices 2-300% of value and if anyone questions it well just up the lead concentration or blame a silver goblin with big eyes yay…
        Gotta love america, god bless the usa.

    • Most conspiracies are true. The ones that are not are government disinfo. You just called people nuts who’ve been trying to tell you about this for years. Congratulations! You just got a mini dose of wake the fuck up… Now if you can put your arrogant ignorance aside, maybe you can learn some more history mainstream media forgot to tell you about.

  2. I don’t know… maybe something like this is the cause for so much autisum these days. So many say there is no explination, or that it just has more attention now. But I know a family of six children that has 3 autistic children in the next generation. Explain that??

    BTW… I was very bored at work one day (between calls at a call center) and found your website by simply putting “interesting” into the Google search. Glad it led me to your blog.

    • If your specific issue is AUTISM, then you may want to read RFK Jr’s book : Let the Science Speak regarding ethyl mercury in flu & vaccine shots, as well as Dr. Ayoub whose son had autism & has made a miraculous recovery after his father Dr. Ayoub “went back to med school” in that he did his research into what caused his son’s aliment- Chelation Therapy is a natural method of removing Heavy Metals from the body & once undergone remarkable improvement is seen… however the younger the better as nothing can repair the tissue damage from Heavy Metal presence over time in brain & organ tissues… especially irradiating ones…

      Srcs to see:

      Dr David Ayoub Radiologist
      Radio Liberty Conference 2005 Aptos Cali
      Mercury, Autism & the Global Vaccine Agenda – Dr. David Ayoub Lecture
      [ ]

      Commonwealth Club of California
      Robert F. Kennedy. Jr.
      Robert F. Kennedy Jr.; President, Waterkeeper Alliance; Author, Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak
      [ ]

    • I am in shock right now, I feel like I need an exorcism to pull these demons out from me. I am a Canadian, test subject. I am 24 years old. I just read about project MKultra today, November 4th, 2014. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia back in 2007, and been fighting for my sanity ever since. I wrote a book explaining my struggles, in 2012, before ever finding out about these things. I named my book, MY SIDE OF THE STORY! It would blow your mind !!

      I shared all these strange weird coincidence’s, and paranormal events, I’ve went through in my story, and shared some stories, on facebook, and some random friend, had private messaged me, and sent me a link on Organized Stalking And Electronic Harassment.

      When I dug more information on this topic, I came across, other terms, like Synthetic Telepathy, and all these things I never even heard of in my life. I am horrified. I am livid. I have never felt so psychotic in my entire life. I would kill these people who have done this to me, with pleasure. I’ve been destroyed, I’ve been tortured inside my mind, like you wouldn’t believe. It’s disgusting. They are pure evil. They belong in hell these pigs.

      I wish I can contact a real professional expert, and get the immediate help as soon as possible. How on earth are things like this still happening today, and they are still out there getting away with it? How can this information be out there, and not be taken serious by the public?

      I’ve distributed letters in the public, and to Government buildings, and where I work, at the hospital, and I got security come looking for me, wanting to search my back pack, and I was locked up in the Mental Health Unit, and forced pills into me, all over again and totally ignored, and passed on through judgement. I have video’s all over youtube, sharing my point of view, story, and what I really think about these disgusting pigs, they are inhumane.

      I want justice. I want my life back, I want my loved ones to know that I was right this whole time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, I THINK I’VE WAITED LONG ENOUGH. THE LONGER THE WAIT, THE WORSE IT WILL BE FOR THEM IN THE END!!!! I want my reality check, they have great hell to pay those disgusting pigs, and I hope to God, there actually is still hope out there for me, and others, who have suffered with this, so we can be heard!!!!!!

      MY VOICE MATTERS !!!!!
      if anybody out there reading this is interested to help please message me!!!!

      • Slow down. You can’t harm people that you criticize for harming you. Tell me your story. I’m working on mine. We need to find experts that can validate our experiences. Look for a common set of issues. Technique, fear tactics, did it go all the way to Physical Harm for you? Email me below and maybe we can start a dialogue…. But one that moves the conversation forward. Like you I want to catch these people but legally. That’s the only way we can help others.

        I live in San Francisco. I think you get to see my email below, if not check this board again soon.

        • I was almost dead they did this to me in1982 and 83. Possibly my whole adult life. I just found out about this. They made me go crazy for 3 years horrible voices. The Hayward .ca police department with a man that had a licence to deal drugs. Bill Wayne Dade. I went crazy. My brother committee suicide or they made him jump off the Golden Gate Bridge.
          I just found this out 7 months ago
          I am pissed.. They have been using the machines on me and my husband for 7vmonthd. When I found the truth after 35 years.

      • Im a survivor too, i had my first reaping at 16 and again at 24, my step sister too was one and never recovered so she hung herself. I have researched other survivors who have made it and who havent. Ive noticed celebrities who accept the diagnonsense and blame their temporary mental insanity on the illness end up ok, and people forgive them after.
        I still am not sure if its personally chosen or if its a sound thats always present that most cannot hear, and those that can are fucked. I believe theres a country that has the ringing to keep kids from loitering, etc, etc.
        It is frusterating because i was clean and sober off alcohol (i thought i was an alcoholic at 16) for 6.5 years and things still got weird after i resorted to pot for my ibs. Now im concerned about radiation poisoning, mental scarring, cancer, the list goes on.
        To top it off during the reaping i lost my dog, got 2 jobs n made a mockery of myself, and all my friends think i lost my mind. even one who thinks he was abducted by ets (old mkultra programming, not used as often) doesnt want to befriend me. I took down my fb/twitter, etc because i didnt want to end up like poor tila. My heart goes out to that poor woman.
        The et is part of mk. I believed it for about 1-3 months until i really thought about space travel.
        Now instead of having a college degree ill be happy to get disability whoopee.
        Anyway what im getting at is it sucks. I lived the life of katniss but my step sister was my roo (and she hung herself), my cousin was my primrose, i met another black survivor who thought he was thrash, my et friend was my haymitch, and i didnt get any money. Oh and my gales is in a coma from a motercycle accident. Lastly instead of peter I went chasing the david fellow i met at 16 (true story), because i didnt want my cousin to die. I think ive met 2-3 people who were abducted (but not by ets, no such thing) as well as a few survivors. Its life and it sucks.
        I was convinced more of my family would die if i didnt do other drugs… I did not enjoy them and ive never been so concerned about my body. I didnt like drugs as a kid and i sure as shit dont like them now.
        In getting back to life its doubtful i ever will. Im hoping i dont end up on the hanging tree. Ive decided against exposing things because i do love my family, and i already lost my stepsister.
        Besides even with all of those strange coincidences that are remarkably similiar to strange movies and mkultra plots, only a few believe me. I just dont tell people anymore. It sucks being an alice, you wish you could get a happy ending like everyone else, but then you remember your poor and your not symetrical. You had dreams and desires and now your left with shit.
        Ive accepted im a test monkey, that has been given whatever fad diagnosis the pharma companies were pushing at the time, so 6-10 diagnosis’ later i think im going with its all hogwash.
        Anyway keep your head up, and in truth id probably trade you places.
        I went from law abiding, tax paying, working class student who successfully helped open 4 businesses, held jobs, stayed sober off everything, paid rent, had friends, volunteered at shelters in my spare time to being on food stamps and praying i get disability. I am becoming more coherent everyday, but for a long while i could feel my brain misfire…
        Being reaped twice is more than enough for me. Ill say the weird mannerisms your taught and the weird dreams are awful. I was clueless at 16, but round number two and it sucked. At least i know from experience it only lasts 2-3 years each time. Granted that means of my 25 years 6 has been heavy mk programming, but it happened on and off as a kid too.
        In the end ive learned radical acceptance is the key. Id love to run off but my 15k in savings has been spent…
        Sure you could say im a whackjob who attracts others like me. But then why is tila spouting the same bs i was spouting in january, february, and thinking those thoughts are her own?
        Maybe you could say i had wilsons disease and it cured itself. Maybe…
        Ive stopped researching things. Its a sad world for an alice, unless your a pretty one, and even then if u tell the truth your shamed if u mention mk.

        • I am WITH you. I not only believe you, but i know every word you say is true. Hold onto yourself…never let them take that away from you, no matter what else they take. Its a war for your mind ultimately. Continue being the awesome amazing strong person that you are. I know others like you. You are not alone, even though you must feel as though you are. I AM WITH YOU.

  3. More interesting, is this cover-up at the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children How does one carry out psychosurgical and brain implant research upon unwitting subjects? By exploiting children who suffer epilepsy, while under the guise of treating epilepsy. (ie-“scar tissue removal”) This is most evident at which discloses unauthorized covert lobotomy and brain implant experimentation, (Dec. 9,1969 & Jan. 27,1972, at 14 & 16 years of age) without informed consent. I do recall neurosurgical wards 5-G and 6-G, full of children with various cranium incisions, with casts on their heads. There were kids screaming verbal profanities at Dr. Harold J. Hoffman, in protest as to what he did to their brains. Personally, I was screaming verbal profanities during a local cranium incision, when the trauma of my skull cracking apart was too much. (This is great for inducing PTSD)
    I’ve been informed by very reliable sources, that I am a victim of criminal assault and battery, yet when one approaches the authorities about this breach, one is subject to major damage control, obstruction and concealment by the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons, and the Ontario Health Professions Board. Toronto Police state they cannot protect the public regarding this medical child abuse, when there is no co-operation with the government of Ontario.
    More intriguing, is how the HSC medical records do not correlate with my cat scan X-rays from St. Mikes and Toronto General Hospital, whereas despite record of unauthorized left and right temporal lobectomy, we have brain tissue in the resected areas. Meaning, unauthorized brain tissue transplantation. This is very very heavy, considering JFK’s brain tissue is missing after his assassination in 1963. Anyone remember Marilyn Munroe? I do! I am haunted by these words-“The very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society”. Anyone who has concerns regarding Dr. Hoffman’s treatment are welcome to contact me.


    • Hello Pat, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I can’t imagine what you must have gone through.

      If it’s not difficult for you, feel free to share more of your experiences with the program.

      • What it is, I need to ask you details about Ewen Cameron. I need to tell you something I know about James Holmes. There is more,, please get ahold of me ASAP,,

      • I am in shock right now, I feel like I need an exorcism to pull these demons out from me. I am a Canadian, test subject. I am 24 years old. I just read about project MKultra today, November 4th, 2014. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia back in 2007, and been fighting for my sanity ever since. I wrote a book explaining my struggles, in 2012, before ever finding out about these things. I named my book, MY SIDE OF THE STORY! It would blow your mind !!

        I shared all these strange weird coincidence’s, and paranormal events, I’ve went through in my story, and shared some stories, on facebook, and some random friend, had private messaged me, and sent me a link on Organized Stalking And Electronic Harassment.

        When I dug more information on this topic, I came across, other terms, like Synthetic Telepathy, and all these things I never even heard of in my life. I am horrified. I am livid. I have never felt so psychotic in my entire life. I would kill these people who have done this to me, with pleasure. I’ve been destroyed, I’ve been tortured inside my mind, like you wouldn’t believe. It’s disgusting. They are pure evil. They belong in hell these pigs.

        I wish I can contact a real professional expert, and get the immediate help as soon as possible. How on earth are things like this still happening today, and they are still out there getting away with it? How can this information be out there, and not be taken serious by the public?

        I’ve distributed letters in the public, and to Government buildings, and where I work, at the hospital, and I got security come looking for me, wanting to search my back pack, and I was locked up in the Mental Health Unit, and forced pills into me, all over again and totally ignored, and passed on through judgement. I have video’s all over youtube, sharing my point of view, story, and what I really think about these disgusting pigs, they are inhumane.

        I want justice. I want my life back, I want my loved ones to know that I was right this whole time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, I THINK I’VE WAITED LONG ENOUGH. THE LONGER THE WAIT, THE WORSE IT WILL BE FOR THEM IN THE END!!!! I want my reality check, they have great hell to pay those disgusting pigs, and I hope to God, there actually is still hope out there for me, and others, who have suffered with this, so we can be heard!!!!!!

        MY VOICE MATTERS !!!!!
        if anybody out there reading this is interested to help please message me!!!!

  5. Hi Pat. How utterly horrifying. Do you remember your thoughts and experiences as this abuse was taking place? Are you somewhat free of this evil today, or does it affect every aspect of your life? Would you have any advise for an MK Ultra slave who has not been able to yet reveal these crimes?

    • As a child I always thought the pain was normal . There are controllers assigned to the victims and some might even be a family member that is receiving money . There is a lot more to my story ….too painful to talk about . I also got beaten as a child for telling the truth …by my own mother …so maybe she was my controller …I don’t know , but the hell has followed me all of my life and affected my children , marriages and has set me into severe depression . Let’s put it this way ….No one in the last thousand years had the problems that now exist because our government decided to take our lives away from us in their quest for experimentation .

  6. I am being sedated, kidnapped, illegally operated on. First I noticed that I had an incision mark across my earlobes. More recently every feature of my face has been altered. At first they made them less attractive and refined. Then, they undid some of the harm. Now it is my thumbs. They made them twice the normal size. Then, they lowered the place where they should be attached to my hand by about two inches. They should be just a little bit lower than where the index finger joins to the hand and they should reach to roughly the knuckle. I cannot possibly convey how horrifying is the atrocity torture carried out by these people.

  7. I must add that I am not institutionalized. The military have unlimited funding for MK Ultra and the program continues to this day. There are many methods for keeping an innocent person TOTALLY isolated. For example, they intercept all communications. I only realized in the last few years that I was actually an experimental slave.

  8. Thank you. Some of the best compiled info I have found on the net. My mom was a victim of MKUltra. She was a married housewife with severe dibilitating postpartum depression who inadvertently ended up a “patient” and “research subject”. It was years later my sister and I began to try and find out what had happened to our mother. It has helped our whole family greatly to know the whole story but I continue to occasionally look for more information. At the time we were trying to “connect the dots” there wasn’t much out yet – the mid 80’s and then so much has been destroyed.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your mother, Rhonda. Thanks for the comment. I fear you might be correct, that much information has already been lost or destroyed – but hopefully you can find the answers your are looking for. Good luck!

      • How can you I find information about myself, on this subject?
        Is it finally open now? Can I access these files somehow and see for myself what the hell was happened to me? I know, and I remember what I’ve gone through. Hopefully they don’t try to wipe my memory away before I find out…. I am trying everything in my power to try to reach out for help, and get justice!! I want to know what I can do about this? I am pretty much powerless, and defenceless! How the hell am I suppose to protect myself. I have voice to skull, and being electronically monitored 24-7, and lots more. I’ve been drugged up, I’ve been hypnotized I believe, and I’ve been messed around with my conscious, for behavioral control or whatever… there is still so much I need to learn!!! This is retarded. SICK !!!!!!!

        • I contacted my Congressman and he was given the run around with my case for over three years . My case went Walter Reed , The Department of Energy , The Department Of Defense , The Department of The Army , Bethesda Army Navy Intelligence , To Army Doctors in Virginia that sent a letter trying to downplay everything by only talking about the surgery and not addressing the MK-Ultra stuff that was done to me , then the case was forwarded back to The Department of Defense . My case went to Bill Clinton ( no response ) Senator McCain , he sent it to Senator Diane Feinstein . They are waiting for me to die as I am 67 …so they don’t have to pay me and this is what they are doing to everyone …” violate out civil rights with permanent injuries against our will and then ignore us and not pay us for what they did ! Crimes against humanity !

          • Hi Pat. Your not going to die. Please call me at 415-724-6750. I’m going through the same thing. But close if not already there in making my case but I’m missing something. Perhaps if we talk through each of our experiences something will jump out at us and put a stop to this. My he is Michael.

        • Hi , I just want to say that what you experienced is real ! Regular people that have no clue can’t comprehend that our own government did such things to people and children and yes some died and I almost died also . They try to explain it away with mental illness because it’s only our word to back it up . No one would know what I said was true if it wasn’t for the photos of me in the chair on this page as a child . The other guy commented and tried to make sense of something he has no idea of what happened to us and tried to explain it away with how the government needed intelligence ! How does that justify rape of children and innocent people ? You stand your ground as you know what they did was horrific and wrong and it can never be justified . In my case they are waiting for me to die so that what they did to me will die with me and I will never see any compensation . I have beat on every government door for justice and they just keep passing my file around and try to explain it away like I am nothing . This is what’s happening to you also I assume and I am so sorry that all of this happened to you and it is an ongoing shell shock experience for all of us . Good luck to you and hope that someday we will all see some kind of compensation and justice . Sincerely Pat Arnett .

  9. Good story. None of this is surprising. The US has to do things like this to keep up with all the other folks worldwide doing the same thing. The human brain has a long way to evolve, we are a primitive species. I was a young Army Officer. As long as I can go to the beach, I’m OK with the concept of dealing with “All enemies, foreign and domestic”.

    • Thank you, and you aren’t alone in that belief. I think most people understand a certain amount of personal liberty must be sacrificed for collective safety. The question is to what degree do we make those sacrifices?

    • Are you seriously saying that what was done to these people was justified? The horrors we fought AGAINST in WW2 are the same horrors these groups practiced. There’s no justification for what was done to these people, and under current international law, it’s illegal.

  10. MKULTRA is a space based biotechnology application where dosimetry is used on people.Since the platform is space radiation using directed energy is applied with microdosimetry on the neuroelectric system.Essentially it is bioelectromagnetics with statistical physics that makes it possible for calcium ions to carry the electric charge through the neurons.There are many aspects of mind control including making acoustics in 3D perceiveable to the people.Since RMS is used there will be modeling of bioelectric currents inside and even phasor transforms to alter the neurolinguistics creating a neurocognitive interruption and neurocognitive disruption occur iteratively for the duration that the person is effected which usually is in years.Another important aspect of mind control is that neurovision is used so the victims eyes become like cameras and the image is produced on the computer screen.Though this is a very exhaustive multi-disciplinary science application there are important aspects of mind control such as role plays,spatial image transmissions (using the scattering process – Mie scattering) and bioelectric signal modulations.Fast Fourier Transform is used in the digital to bioelectric signal transmissions.
    The change in behavior is an outcome of the repetitive/iterative microdosimetry using bioelectrochemistry in which the neurohormones are altered making neuromodulation occur.This perhaps is the jist of the mind control programs which now are called psywar and biowar from satellites.Hence it is a satellite warfare essentially.

    • The comments on this post are unbelievable. I think you touched a nerve, and it brought out the war-wounded, as well as the nuts and flakes. So sad for those who were damaged and left to fend for themselves.

  11. I now have Congressman McCarthy working on my case for 2 years with The Pentagon , Bethesda Army / Navy and The Dept.Of Energy for my abduction from ward 17 at WRAMC . I was there for an experimental surgery …two days later I was taken by Dr. Ewen Cameron and Dr. Gottleib to an isolated room in the basement of Walter Reed . I am the 7 year old child in the chair above on this page where the Nazi scientist had me screaming in horrific pain until no sound was coming out of me while I was still screaming . I had a total of 4 experiments done to me at Walter Reed in 1955 .

  12. This is almost unbelievable, fascinating read. Have you got any more information what happened to you Pat if you don’t mind me asking?

  13. Dear Congessman McCarthy ,
    I wanted to thank you for your help in this matter . However the letter from Virginia was not quite accurate for the fact that the blue black serum was not blood at all …it was a quick injection with a syringe on a tray with a push plunger , a needle in and out of my arm . I have medical records of full events of the surgery .

    The CIA and DOE had nothing to do with that surgery at all .These Doctors are attempting to down play and try and cover up what happened to me . The doctors conclusions do not explain the CIA or DOD experiments done on me at all . This photo of me is on all of the CIA / DOD Government Experiment Mind Control Sites all over the world . This photo of me has been in circulation in books and magazines since the 70’s along with other children in programs of experimentation . I was in the CIA Files as an MK-Ultra M.I. Mind Control Subject .This photo came from their accounting files during the investigations done by The Clinton Administration .

    THE CIA / DOD… DID THIS TO ME :Put me in a strange chair and took photos of me in the chair with the electrodes attached to my head , gave me lethal injections . You can see the radium coming from the device over my body in the photo . I had severe echos after an injection they had on a tray next to me in that same chair and lost consiousness from it . On another occasion they injected me with a blue /black serum and passed a green radio active irredesent wand over my body in the dark . On another occasion they pulled a suspended surgical lite from the ceiling with a 3″ needle protruding from the center of it and injected it deep into the crown of my head . No Anesthesia ! I was screaming for my mother and screaming until no sound was coming out of me at all …but I was screaming and my throat was blood red and sore for days with severe aching . I was implanted . The pain from the implant has never gone away . The terrifying part of all of this is …have I done anything serious ” like kill someone ” because of their programing without my knowledge or any of the other children they did this too ? Was I evolved in the Pegasus Time Travel Program with the Manhattan Project ? What in the hell was I programed to do or did I do It ?

    The doctors have established that I was in fact at Walter Reed for an experimental surgery .They left out the fact that I was on the 6 bed experimental ward . They also know that Walter Reed was a hot spot in the 40’s and 50’s for experimentation . Mind control programing , LSD , Shellfish Toxins , Cobra Venom , Nichol Compounds To Induce Cancer , Agent Orange , Benzine , Sodium Pentathol , Morphine , Radiation . Military Intelligence Programs : MK-ULTRA , PEGASUS , BLUEBIRD , ARTICHOCKE , MK-NAOMI , MK-DELTA , Electrode Tracking Implants , Special Vaccines for Ground Troops and they were part of the Manhatten Project .

    This is what THE CIA and THE DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY was doing at WALTER REED and I was part of that programming as the photo clearly shows . I was also conveient access to them on the experimental ward . The doctors do know that I am telling the truth about everything I said…or they would’nt be trying to cover it up . I am willing to go under hypnosis to prove that what I said is 100% true . I feel that the government owes me compensation for the horrific experiments done to me…Not the surgery .

    Sincerely ,
    Patricia Arnett

    • It was The CIA that did it and I think it was ” The President’s ” comment . It was The CIA that did ” Operation Paper Clip ” that brought all of Hitler’s Scientists to The U.S. and gave them different surnames to disguise their identity . You can find all of this information in a declassified book called ” The Plutonium Files “and there are many documentary films on The History Channel and In other books and magazines that tell the entire story . You can also look-up ” Atomic Veterans ” website and see what they have .

  14. My Gyn hpnptosed me without consent. Kept me hazed for 3.5yrs. Sick old man. I still had to live thru scenarios and sexual mortification.Hoping to sue him. The ppl practice cult crap…we need to take stance. Sex abuse? Really. I’m not crazy he is.

  15. What’s really interesting is the fact that this CIA operation was first exposed in 1951in a book called Science of Survival (pgs 464-466) and the man exposing it has been unjustly vilified by the US government and the MSM since.

  16. Very interesting article. I just wonder why we don’t learn about this stuff at school. It is important stuff, I think. I will be doing a presentation to my class soon; I chose this topic. My teacher has never heard of Project MKUltra. Hmm, this is going to be interesting…

    • Thanks qwertydog, and that’s a good question. There might be a bit of subconscious propaganda involved by omitting certain pieces of U.S. history. Part of it is probably that we generally don’t teach high school history classes that go to this level of depth of governmental history. Also some of this stuff was only unclassified more recently, so maybe it’s just a case of needing time to eventually trickle down into the textbooks. Thanks for reading!

  17. Reposting – didn’t mention I may have been a part of mkultra, having read a lot of material I found from my father (a record holding champion at a young age) when I was little. They moved us with what is likely a Nazi brought to New Jersey in the house behind ours and a lot of wealthy Jewish people nearby, who could only be Mossad considering what they knew about the CIA and also Nazis, telling I was definitely part of mkultra and they really didn’t like that or Nazi friends – and they especially didn’t like the material on hypnosis, among others – when told most of the material was to help people do better they said they didn’t like the source. I was then subjected to what appears to be MKULTRA tactics and even some followup COINTELPRO after being directed thru quite a tory, with many firsts including further faster to doing research at top universities and highest IQ in world trying to force me to work with them, among many others who were ‘best’ in CS, AI and political science. I was even told that *I* should stop the 9/11 terrorists by a fire warden after telling how to save lives in the WTC, he went nuts, literally when I said I shouldn’t need to and also I would save all as fire warden assistant, and he said no (to leave many behind not ‘liked’). I told my manager about incident and to tell how to save lives if WTC hit again, he said was afraid but would do, read they followed my instructions to the letter saving 2800 lives (see wikipedia), but it looks like they killed my manager after a month or two – for telling how to save lives. Long scary story, I’ll be writing about soon. I could have worked on 9/11 because I would have discovered the Nazi blown up in Patterson, that was a few years after the Mossad/Jewish people got bad with a Nazi in my backyard, literally, and the clues the Massad had given about a group a little worse than them nearby (Patterson). Unfortunately I didn’t look, not knowing just how bad the Schwarzkopf/FBI connection was in New Jersey – not handling before or after both WTC attacks, and when I said to a NJ State Police officer an offer to help – and he was also with FBI at both attacks in ’93 and ’01, he did COINTELPRO on me and my poor children – I’m going after legally now – they are some of the worst criminals in the world and it would seem I’m the only one who knows what heppened.

    Mention of CIA Dulles who did the experiments – he was a Rockefeller bank president and top attorney with his brother John foster Dulles who was secretary of state afterwards, it would appear both, especially John, along with the Rockefellers (world’s richest men from oil wealth, New Jersey Standard oil), supported the Nazis and then brought many over from opetration Paperclip, including Hitler’s top bio-weapons expert Haggen and also the most horrible experiments and bio-weapons experiments from Japan’s Ishii with their medical reports in exchange for their amnesty and coming to US, with Haggen and Ishii working on US bio-weapons – also most horrible Nazis working with CIA on unethical human experiments such as MKULTRA.

    // Scroll to Human Rights (& eugenics/Nazism in NJ/NY/US)
    // Also Apr 4, ’16: COINTELPRO/MK-ULTRA by FBI/NJ State Police and others

    ^^ COINTELPRO/MK-ULTRA tactics/torture by FBI/NJ State Police and others on NJ residents, VIPs. Some police under investigation worked with high profile FBI task forces were thrown out of FBI from terrorist hotbeds weeks after 9/11, also working high profile in Jersey City during 1st WTCB, also martial practices/training, corrupted local/county police and others in North Jersey, most likely black flag (if BF at all)
    ^^ (Witnesses) Also worked with and further trained terrorist suspects and Russian organized crime in Bergen County for attacks, torture and terror
    ^ Strong article on CIA’s start with MK-ULTRA, 6% initial budget and thousands of unsuspecting victims

    ^ Another Web report, terror and $1T project

    ^^ Bergen County Bridgegate conspiracy years earlier, corrupt local officials, mention of payback to former FBI/NJ officials (Gov)
    ^^ Blackmailed, obstruction, discredit, ruin, defamation, character assassination, false rumors, torture and torture children to psychosis and death, unqualified replacements (illegals) in important positions NJ/NYC, also multiple unconscionable homicides and attempts across states, men, women, children
    ^^ Damage companies, technology, country, even $1T military projects, next generation decade off

    ^ Dark Alliance/CIA Terror funding Nicaraguan rebels by selling crack cocaine to impoverished in LA
    ^^ Investigative reporter Gary Webb discredited by big news Journalists, disgraceful, now known
    ^^ In New Movie Kill the Messenger…/B00…/ref=sr_1_2_twi_vid_3_twi_blu_3…

    ^ Vietnam: Phoenix Program: 1965-1972, before and after. Tortured (neutralized) 81,740 civilians (suspected NLF operatives), tortured to death 26,000-41,000


    New Jersey is a hotbed for terrorists and has been a target for a long time, with 9/11 terrorists/pilots from Paterson New Jersey and ’93 WTC bombing from Jersey City. Many al-qaeda and ISIS arrests in Bergen County and elsewhere – many say worst police state corruption ever seen – search Web. Looking into why New Jersey – since J. Edgar Hoover (worst rep in history, FBI) and Norman Schwarzkopf (worst rep in history, founded NJ state police and Iran overthrow/SAVAK founder) became famous together for not stopping the Lindbergh kidnapping, just catching the killer afterwards, while Lindbergh had some contact with those whom they went berserk over until their deaths.

    Real cases of communists in Chicago and New York City (where their party is) doing terrible things to children in New Jersey with documented threats and follow through from New Jersey State police officers, some who were working FBI during ’93 WTC bombing in Jersey City and Paterson during 9/11, obstructing justice on bad New Jersey judges and after telling people the police looking at 9/11 were probably involved in it – they then attacked people and their children using their old COINTELPRO tactics. Not CIA, but FBI and New Jersey State police – they are known for supporting terrorists and even training them to go after people in New Jersey and their children, like the Lindbergh baby. Really weird and really bad – criminals and enemies of the US, who are already here – using history of hurting Liindbergh’s baby as an excuse to terrorize, hurt and kill in NJ – *supported* by the New Jersey State Police (with FBI) and local authorities including local and county police and judiciary.

    Check this site and look at Riccardo (NJ State Police/FBI) and many others, look at what came from New Jersey, with David Rockefelle (NJ Standard Oil, broken to all US oil companies, and even many around world including taking Iran’s with Schwarzkopf), Dulles and many others! They did Social Darwinism and supported much worse, many are listed here, need to look thru a few hundred to see all – hope they don’t whitewash the site.

    Rockefeller New Jersey Standard Oil – Wealthiest in World – still are – trust worth hidden, Dulles (CIA and Sect’y of State did terrible things – all from NJ – and J. Edgar and Schwarzkopf famous from NJ

    Mossad and KGB killing Nazi in Paterson NJ – X marks spot where 9/11 terrorists came from – with FBI relocating Nazis and even al-Qaeda terrorists in NJ – including Rahman and many others

    Madison Grant – NYC – father Governor of NJ – wrote Hitler’s Bible

    Soob was reportedly blown up by the Mossad and kgb, this was just before fall of Soviets due to bin Laden terror group funded by US, which the Israeli’s and Soviets really didn’t like – they blew up a Nazi in New Jersey to mark the spot where the 9/11 terror would come from.
    Soobzokov, The Fuhrer of the North Caucasus, settled in Patterson, New Jersey by CIA. Blown up by Jewish terror group, burried in Bergen County, NJ in 1985. Soobzokov served in the North Caucausus Region created by the Nazis.

    US Negative Eugenicists – crimes against humanity in Indiana and New Jersey. hereditary view of mental “defectiveness” as an inheritable and hence controllable trait — that is, if inheritance were stopped dead in its tracks through sterilization.

    From Vineland, New Jersey – did terrible things including Nazi-like sterilizations long before WW II
    Prominent American psychologistand eugenicist in the early 20th century.

    So many more – just look for New Jersey, here’s a long list and tons of refs

    This has a list of New Jersey issues thru to today – scary – scroll to: Human Rights (& eugenics/Nazism in NJ/NY/US) Aryan Terror Brigade in New Jersey, many others with killings

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