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10 Best Torrent Clients to Download Torrents Faster (2022)

Torrents have been an important medium for downloading online content. Whether you want to download films, songs, TV shows, software, or any other kind of data, this peer-to-peer file-sharing system has made it easy.

There are hundreds of torrent clients that enable you to download data from P2P connections. However, you can’t rely on each of them as every client is built differently. Some of them can shower your PC or smartphone with malware, while others can be sluggish.

Moreover, due to increasing copyright infringements in recent years, many countries have banned torrent websites and torrent clients, but you can unblock them with the help of a VPN app. These tools are available in premium and free versions. So, if you choose to opt for a free torrent VPN, make sure it is capable enough to keep yourself safe from any malware or copyright violation.

This post will discuss the ten best torrent clients to download torrents faster. So, let’s jump right in!

What is a Torrent Client?

The software that enables users to download any type of torrent file is known as a torrent downloader or a torrent client. Torrent downloading is especially crucial when you are downloading big files. Peer to Peer connections allows you to download a file more quickly from several sources than downloading from a single web server.

10 Best Torrent Clients – A Reviews

These P2P torrent software are among the best downloaders for rapid and effortless downloading. In addition, they all are compatible with PCs running macOS, Windows, Linux, and others.

1. qBittorrent

The top torrent client currently available is qBittorrent. It is a straightforward, user-friendly, and incredibly useful server-based torrent client. qBittorrent is the best option if you seek a trustworthy and cost-free uTorrent substitute.


  • The finest uTorrent substitute
  • Open-source and free torrenting system
  • Easy to use because of its simplistic design
  • No malware and lightweight
  • Works on macOS, Windows, and Linux
  • Easy installation


  • For expert users, there are insufficient extensions

2. µTorrent

µTorrent is hands-down the most frequently used and famous torrent client that works everywhere, except in China.

Over 41 million people access the website each month with a valid cause. With uTorrent, you may control the transfer speeds and check the torrent file’s seeds.


  • Among the most effective free P2P program available
  • Allows to personalize the client and support third-party plugins
  • Lightweight
  • Helps manage torrent downloads, organize downloads, and watch preferred torrents with an integrated media player
  • Increase bandwidth for some files that need it


  • For premium service, you must upgrade with a subscription
  • Many critics lament that because of the advertisements, packaged software, and premium version, uTorrent is a weaker version of its former self

3. Deluge

Deluge, an open-source, inexpensive, and customizable torrent client, is ranked third among leading torrent clients for 2022.


  • Support macOS, Gentoo, Windows, Linux, etc.
  • Web browser extensions
  • A multi-function utility that’s customizable via extensions
  • Functions as both a client-server and a self-contained desktop app


  • Fewer plugins than uTorrent and qBittorrent
  • Newbie torrenters find it a bit challenging to use

4. BitTorrent Client

The original BitTorrent client is among the pioneers of torrent downloaders. For several years, it has been a reliable software for several years to download TV shows, videos, music, software, or audiobooks.


  • Enable lightning-fast downloading of large torrents
  • Give information about files’ torrent health by displaying data transfer
  • Premium edition enables HD video playback directly
  • It helps prioritize activities to manage downloads and increase your download speed


  • Ads in the free version are bothersome
  • Despite amazing free specs, you have to pay for high-end features

5. WebTorrent

When WebTorrent was first developed in 2017, the feature that won the hearts of many was its ability to run inside a browser without installation.


  • Drag-and-drop customization enables you to include all the wonderful features you want
  • Free of cost (still in testing)
  • Allows peers detection using the DHT technology
  • Using it significantly increases download speeds


  • Still in the testing phase, so there are no negatives

6. Vuze

Vuze, once called Azureus, is the best BitTorrent client for minimizing prying ads. Overall, it’s a wonderful torrent client to download files from P2P connections.


  • Supports torrent peer seeding and swarm merging
  • Provide wireless remote access via the Android app
  • The Premium version has built-in antivirus


  • First-time torrents may find it difficult to use
  • The free version is functionally limited

7. Tixati

Another practically valuable and potent BitTorrent-based client with outstanding unique features.


  • Lightweight software that uses minimal disk space
  • Closed-source downloading is free to use with no malware or other risks
  • Fast and easy installation
  • The website features an encrypted discussion forum and works efficiently


  • Poor-quality interface
  • Doesn’t accept macOS, Android, or iPhone operating systems

8. BiglyBT

Just like Vuze, BiglyBT is also an open-source and free BitTorrent client that lets you download data with ease using P2P connections.


  • Open-source and free with no ads
  • Conversion of media files
  • DLNA and UPnP Media Server allow quicker device-to-device communication
  • The best substitute for Vuze
  • Support Android, Linux, macOS, and Windows PC


  • Not compatible with iPhones

9. BitLord

Like Deluge, BitLord is a powerful searching torrent client.


  • Allow you to download videos and play them using the integrated VLC media player
  • Helps you create a playlist for your video and audio files for easier access
  • P2P clients own clean, foolproof interface


  • The site is too plain for people looking for anything more sophisticated
  • Downloader isn’t routinely upgraded

10. Transmission

The transmission performs best with macOS and Linux operating systems. Setting up and downloading files is simple.


  • Lightweight software designed for macOS
  • Open-source torrent client
  • The best torrent application for macOS, given the majority of alternatives, performs poorly on Apple devices.
  • Free and easy to install
  • No intrusive ads


  • Lacks necessary customization tools


So, that was our recommendation list of the ten best torrent clients to download torrents faster in 2022. No matter which torrent client you may choose among these, always use a premium VPN for torrent downloading.