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Abandoned Ohio

By Sam Smith

While it is unrealistic to expect every single property market in the world to behave in exactly the same manner, the differences between some are quite incredible. While the UK sector struggles with a significant lack of housing supply, for example, the U.S state of Ohio has a number of excess forgotten houses sitting idle in the marketplace.

There are multiple reasons for this, but the fact remains that there are some large and that have been left to rot by their owners. This has created entire ghost towns in the region, while also placing an intolerable strain on active properties in the market.

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psychic temple

Long Beach, California is known for its beaches and sunny weather. It has one of the world’s largest shipping ports and is a major player in domestic oil production. Douglas Aircraft chose the city to house its largest facility, and Henry Ford built Model A’s here. Also, astrologers and psychics established temples ().

The Psychic Temple became a Long Beach landmark for spiritual learning in 1905. When its founder was run out of town years later, it evolved into the American Hotel. For decades the building seemed to defy progress and barely escaped demolition. Thanks to the work of a passionate few, the hundred year-old building will have the opportunity to last another century. 


On the east coast of the Black Sea, about 125 miles (200km) south of Sochi, sits the shell of a once-vibrant town. Ochamchire (also Ochamchira) was once a pleasant coastal retreat in Georgia, but an ethnic war following the dissolution of the former Soviet Union resulted in the territory becoming largely abandoned.

Now the city is part of the Abkhazia Republic, and less than a tenth of the city’s pre-war population remains. With entire city blocks abandoned, Ochamchire is a shell of its former self. Today many of those who stayed are trying to take care of what’s left for a population that won’t return. 


By Sam Smith

Las Vegas. It’s the city that never sleeps. Neon lights illuminate the Strip among empty desert for miles around. It’s a place like no other, where themes dominate.

There’s Egypt, Paris, the Knights of the Round Table, and even ancient Rome. But one recurring theme that’s been highlighted across the Vegas ages is abandonment. 


The original Reid Memorial Hospital in Richmond, Indiana, was built in 1905 and served the community for over one hundred years. During that time the hospital continuously expanded, adding new wings in new architectural styles to grow with the population.

Eventually the organization was forced to relocate to a new facility in 2008, leaving the old campus in the hands of eager developers. However bad planning, bad timing, and just plain bad luck has seen multiple investor groups fail to resurrect the old Reid – leaving the city an eyesore with a large unpaid tax bill.

Why did Reid leave, and why couldn’t the old campus be saved?


The Canary Islands are well-known for their warm weather and water sports. Largest and most populous of the islands is Tenerife, which offers hiking trails, historic villages, local pubs, sandy beaches, water slides, and a .

Yet what you won’t find on tourism flyers is one of the more interesting places to see. On the Southeast coast of Tenerife, just up the hill from a newer small village, the remains of an aborted early twentieth-century sanatorium still bask in the bright sun.


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