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Vacation in Valdanos, Montenegro


Come to the beautiful crescent-shaped beaches of Valdanos, nestled in a cove on the southeastern shores of the Adriatic Sea. Wake up to a beautiful Montenegrin sunrise peeking over thousand year-old olive tree groves. Play fútbol on the grass fields or try a round of mini-golf. Tennis courts are a stone’s throw away from the ocean. Afterward grab a quick lunch at the waterside café, or take a dip in the pool!

The resort has laundry, post office, and a supermarket for your basic needs. Every villa has sweeping views of the sea. For those who prefer to caravan, a full-service campground is also on the premises. Valdanos offers 240 sunny days a year, but for the restless at night the discotheque should whet the appetite.

There is one problem… It has been closed for years. Read more…

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Count Bagno’s City of Toys: Consonno, Italy


When Count Mario Bagno purchased a large amount of land in the remote northern hills of Italy fifty years ago, he envisioned building a Las Vegas-style adult playground with bars, casinos, and dance clubs. The resort town of Consonno, nestled in the hills of Brianza not far from Lecco, was intended to be the premier weekend getaway for the well-heeled of Milan.

But delays would force the resort to open before it was completed and Consonno never enjoyed the success Bagno envisioned. The clock struck midnight for his City of Toys when a 1976 landslide destroyed the only road into town. Today, the long-abandoned Città dei Balocchi sits vandalized and forgotten.

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Abandoned Airport: Ciudad Real

Nothing highlights the Spanish financial problem like an abandoned airport.

Opened in 2009 at a cost of €1.1bn, the Ciudad Real Central Airport saw light use before being shut down in April of 2012.  Ciudad Real is a Spanish city about two and a half hours south of Madrid.  The airport was to be the first linked to the Spanish high-speed AVE rail system, making the trip to Madrid only 50 minutes.

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Giethoorn, Netherlands: the Town with No Roads

When thinking of traveling by water throughout a city, Venice is usually the first name that springs to mind. What if waterways were the only way to get around town? Such is the case for Giethoorn, Netherlands, a small town of about 2,600. Read more…

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The Anchors of Tavira Island at Algarve, Portugal

December 15, 2011 8 comments

For centuries the tuna industry flourished in Algarve, Portugal. When fishermen flocked to the coast of Portugal, the tuna population became threatened over time until it was no longer profitable to fish for tuna. The ships are long gone, however the anchors were left behind. Read more…

Lighthouses: A Reference Guide

Lighthouses are a dying breed. Ships feared dark coastlines and relied on lighthouses to keep them safe from dangerous rocks. Today with GPS and other technologies, fewer ships need them so new lighthouse construction is extremely rare.

From candle-powered and manned lighthouses thousands of years ago to the modern, stand-alone LED lighthouses of today, it has been an interesting evolution for the coastline protectors of the world. What follows is a chronicle of important lighthouses in history.

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