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Your Guide to the Best Tracking Apps for Family Circle

Our peace of mind largely depends on the well-being of the family – when the balance is disturbed, everything falls apart. When your partners, kids, or parents are away, you can rely on the functionality of the family tracking app and quickly jump to their locations and other activities.

How to Use Family Tracking Apps?

It takes two to make things work, and in our case, we are talking about two devices – a target gadget, the data from which family tracking apps will extract, and a smartphone/tablet/laptop from which the parent can connect at any time and find out what’s been happening with their dear ones.

Good intentions are not always met warmly, and with understanding, so the function to hide the monitoring application icon is available in many products. Alternatively, some iOS software even allows you to remotely carry out the necessary logins and track info from iCloud. Statistically, 2/3 of runaway children are between 15 and 17 years old, so many parents who can’t reason with their nearly grown children have to turn to trackers without their knowledge.

Best Family Tracking Apps and What Makes Them In-Demand

Family tracking apps are a great boon to busy or temporarily absent parents on business trips to keep in touch with their child. In addition, some tools cater to users with their gratuity; some best tracking apps for family are jam-packed with other handy features.

GEOfinder: Prompt Family Tracking App for iPhone and Android

This is an effective phone number tracker that allows parents to act smart. Its flawless functioning is based on just two preconditions:

  • first, you enter the phone number of the person whose location you need to see
  • second, the holder target of the device clicks on a link that is sent with an intriguing message of your choice for less obviousness

Thus, any phone number can be tracked in just a few moments, and with it, the location of the device will be displayed to the user no matter how far they are. What’s more, this location tracking app does not require access to the target device and allows you to send messages anonymously.

Life360 Tracking App for Family Monitoring

Create a private monitoring space for family members and keep an eye on their whereabouts with the handy Life360 app. You will also receive alerts and be aware of how timely your children arrive at school. Just click on the bubble with a photo of your loved one, and the family tracking app will pave the way for them.

In an emergency, users of the program will be able to quickly send an SOS notification to their family members indicating the location. You can track the speed and other driving habits of relatives under one roof.

SpyStealth Monitors Your Target Android and iPhone from A to Z

With SpyStealth, you can go beyond GPS monitoring. The live panel will allow you to track and orchestrate processes on the target device. Yes, this cell phone tracker app combines basic and advanced features such as:

  • remote application management, device lock, obtaining information about the SIM card
  • tracking messengers, SMS, calls, and media files on a smartphone
  • view location logs sent once in a while
  • review of web history with sites and bookmarks along with links and screenshots of social networks

Not wanting the child to visit certain places, parents can mark such spots in the application with the help of the geofencing feature and receive timely notifications if the child does go there.

Use Find My Friends Tracking App for Family for Free

Owners of iOS devices who do not spot Find My on their gadget most likely own the following versions:

  • iOS 9-12 for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
  • OS 3-5 for Apple Watch

…and can set up Find My Friends instead. This utility is one of the free family tracking apps already installed on iPhones and so on and becomes ready to use as soon as the user logs in to their Apple ID.

In addition, you can click “Notify a friend” so that parents receive a notification with a certain frequency about the movement of the child. For this, you need:

  • open Find My on the target phone
  • then tap on People to choose who will receive notifications
  • set up When – Arrives, Leaves, or Is Not At and alert frequency

Google Family Link

In the cohort of the best tracking apps for family, there is a place for a service that forms the first habits of children in using gadgets. You can send them for a walk or sleep by setting as much time for virtual use as you see fit. A small caveat – for this, you need the cooperation of your child who at any time can use the incognito mode or turn off the Internet. If everything is working as it should, parents can also access the location.

Find My iPhone Tracking App for Family Helps to See Gadget on a Map

Find My iPhone has also been rebranded as Find My along with Find My Friends, bringing more features together, making it one of the most widely used family tracking apps for iPhone. In new OS versions, the Family Sharing feature is introduced, which allows family members to track the device by providing access to the location by name.

Two devices will be able to connect thanks to this free service, and it’ll be used as a family tracking app if:

  • Find My iPhone app is installed on both gadgets
  • Location Services are turned on
  • both gadgets are connected to the same iCloud account

Verizon Smart Family

Parenthood has never been easy – to make life a bit less challenging for parents, apps for family tracking come with features that allow you to say No to excessive use of the Internet even when you are not around.

This is one of those Android apps for tracking family that allows you to see how much time the child spent on which site and filter the content. Now your kiddo can just send you a message with the location attached so you can pick them up.

Outline Safety Zones with Sprint Family Locator

While 460,000 children are reported missing every year in US, parents are feeling more and more determined to act without delaying finding a solution. Sprint Family Locator allows you to stay in touch with all trusted people from the family circle by monitoring their location in real-time. If you miss the moment your child moved away from the usual place, a corresponding alert will pop up on your gadget.


Apps for tracking family members can serve well for those who want but don’t get to be around their kids as often as they would like. Without exaggeration, such services often save lives. Take a closer look at the top products on our list and keep up to date with what’s happening in your child’s life with quick glances at your smartphone screen.