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Will crypto get bigger this year despite the crash?

Virtual currencies are becoming increasingly popular, even though they have crashed in the past. This year, we expect to see several new developments that will make virtual currencies more accessible and valuable for investors through the Bitcoin 360 Ai App. Another positive sign for the industry is that favorable interest rates are floating around, making it possible to earn money from crypto asset investments. At the same time, new and better investment models are being implemented, which means that there will be even more opportunities for people who want to participate in this exciting new industry.


First, there’s been a significant increase in the number of assets available on virtual currency exchanges over the past year. In addition, there are now more ways to buy and sell these assets than ever before—which means that you’ll be able to find an investment vehicle that meets your needs and interests better than ever before. First, more leading investors are starting to favor digital currencies. They see them as diversifying their portfolios and increasing investment returns. This trend will likely continue as more companies use cryptocurrencies for payments or other transactions.

Second, increased returns have made virtual currencies more attractive as an investment vehicle. This year we expect to see various opportunities for higher rewards and greater returns on investments in this space. Second, more assets are available for people to invest in now than ever. Hundreds of different types of cryptocurrency are available today that were previously unheard of just a few years ago. This means there’s even more opportunity for investors who want various options when it comes time to decide what kind of currency they want to invest in!

Third, we’re also seeing a new way to invest in virtual currencies—through investing in cryptocurrencies directly through platforms like Coinbase or Gemini (and more). These platforms allow users to purchase cryptocurrencies using traditional fiat currency rather than an exchange like Kraken or Bitfinex, which require users to trade their fiat directly for cryptocurrency via fiat transfer (often costly).

In 2018, more and more investors are coming to the crypto market, which is not surprising because there are now approximately 1,900 digital currencies (compared with around 500 in 2017), according to CoinMarketCap, as well as a broad range of financial instruments based on blockchain technology that can offer attractive returns and opportunities for growth in future years. The skyrocketing prices of Bitcoin and other cryptos last year have led to an increase in demand for these assets among investors all around the world, who are looking for ways to make money off this trend without having to take any risks themselves; this is why we see so many new players entering the market every day All this has led to an unprecedented boom in crypto trading during 2018: according to BitInfoCharts data on January 1st, 2019, there were about $137 billion worth of Bitcoin (BTC) exchanges globally – almost three times more than what was recorded.

First, investors are showing more interest in virtual currencies. For example, hedge funds have recently increased their investment in this sector by over 200%. Second, there is a growing number of assets available for trading. The total number of tokens in circulation has reached an all-time high at over 1 trillion units, while the number of transactions has exceeded 100 billion per day. Third, rewards and returns on investments have reached new heights. For example, one token can now be exchanged for USD 1000. Finally, new investment models have been developed to attract investors from different fields. For example, some companies offer a share option for their users who want to participate in the creation of new projects related to cryptocurrency technology.

Final words

Despite the crash, experts agree that virtual currencies will continue to grow this year:

  1. More leading investors favor crypto and are investing in it.
  2. There is an increased number of assets available for purchase.
  3. There is an increased number of rewards and returns available from virtual currencies.
  4. New and better investment models have been created to support digital currencies.

The price of the cryptocurrency has fallen by more than 50% since its all-time high in December last year. However, that doesn’t mean that the future of cryptocurrencies is bleak. This could be just what the market needs to regain momentum and continue to grow.