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Will Augmented Reality Soon be Integrated Into Everyday Reality?

Augmented reality boomed in the mobile industry throughout the late 2010s, with some apps becoming global sensations. Since then, tech companies have been scrambling to make AR glasses, which would negate the need to look at digitalized content through a smartphone screen.

AR glasses have vast potential and could easily take the world by storm. There’s a chance that in the future, AR elements will be completely integrated into our everyday lives.

Online Casino Industry Already Highlighting the Power of AR

There are certain key industries that are set to boost AR and help guide it into the mainstream. The online casino industry has always adapted to new tech developments and is likely to do the same with AR. There are already some games at these sites that highlight the potential impact of AR.

The Lightning Roulette game offered by Betfair, for instance, shows how digital elements can add an extra layer to a game. The high-tech offering has a unique twist on the original format, in which lightning bolts randomly strike different numbers on the wheel. These add multipliers to the game and, if players have placed single-number bets on them, they have the chance to rake in higher returns. Games like this offer a taste of what’s to come when digital elements are superimposed on countless things in our everyday environments.

AR Can Have a Powerful Effect on Entertainment

There’s no doubt that the entertainment industry will leverage the power of AR. The technology has already had a massive impact on mobile apps, with The Walking Dead: Our World up there with some of the best AR options. The app from Next Games gives players a chance to feel as if they have entered an episode of the AMC series, and advancements in AR glasses could make this even more realistic.

AR could also have a massive impact on live events. For instance, attendees of sports matches or concerts may be able to see additional content through their AR glasses. This could come in the form of live scores, replays, or subtitles showing the lyrics of a song. This could even lead to interactive elements, such as audience members having the chance to vote on the next song.

Enhancing the Real-World Retail Experience

There’s a good chance that AR will be incorporated into the retail scene as well, giving shoppers a new way to discover their next purchase. According to an article in 3DLOOK, some companies such as ASOS and Adidas are already using virtual try-on technology to give buyers a chance to find out if certain clothing items suit them.

AR could also bring about interactive storefronts, which attract customers with dynamic displays. These could even come in the form of personalized promotions, that are adapted for individual shoppers.

It’s likely that AR will seep into the mainstream gradually, with key industries set to help it reach more users over the next few years. Soon, there could be a situation in which AR elements are found in all aspects of the real world.