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Why Does My Internet Connection Slow Down at Night?

Are you constantly wondering why your network service slows down at night? Do you consistently face the issue of slow internet at night? Is that why you run an internet speed test so frequently? While always checking the digits of your internet speed will give you an idea, if you are getting the speed range advertised in the monthly provider’s plan. Or not. However, if you are getting an internet speed, which is even less than what you are paying for every month, then maybe it is time to investigate why that’s happening at your end. And what you can do about it.

Major Reasons Why My Internet Is Slowing Down

Firstly, there’s no reason for you to get worried about this. Unfortunately, this often happens with some of the best internet service providers in the country, so this is nothing out of the ordinary!

Slow Internet Issue Doesn’t Have to Be With Your ISP

A major reason why your internet connection constantly slows down can be found at home. It doesn’t necessarily need to be an issue with your ISP. It could be due to other factors at your end. Such as using older models of your internet device, data caps imposed by your ISP because you were nearing your data limit, or the type of connection that you are using at home. You can simply try making quick adjustments to your internet-abled devices and add-ons at home. Whether it is readjusting your router’s antennas, restarting Ethernet cable wires, or unplugging home gadgets and plugging them in, can also immediately improve the quality of your connection.

Network Congestion During Peak Hours

However, if the above-mentioned doesn’t work in your favor, then another reason why your internet is slowing down could be due to network congestion. This can simply be defined as service going down because too many users are coming online all at the same time. Network congestion is also better known as peak hours of your internet or rush hour, which typically falls between 7 pm in the evenings to late at 11 pm and onwards. This is also one of those time slots when most people are returning home from their jobs, businesses, or their academic institutes. And to get online to relax, unwind, and refresh themselves after a busy day, they indulge in online activities. The only problem is that when too many people come online at the same time, the internet provider slows down the service. However, this is not the only reason why this happens.

Internet Speed Is Throttled

Another reason why your internet slows down at night is due to throttled speed. Your internet connection also comes with a certain capacity, which if exceeded can result in slowing down your service. Also, many internet providers use various methods to regulate this congestion issue. They do this simply by throttling your connection speed, capping your monthly plan, and in extreme cases, even disconnecting several different sections of the respective network. Sometimes, you may have a terrific connection like fiber internet but even this can suffer from the usual internet issues that bring the entire thing down. If you have ever fallen victim to any of these tactics, then we suggest that you scroll down and read this entire piece to get a grip on your situation while boosting the speed of your service.

Incorrect Placement of Your Internet-Abled Equipment

This is another one of the common issues, which can result in slow service, though not particularlyat night but anytime duringthe day.So you need to be practical about the placement of your router or modem in the house for it does determine if your network signals will flow easily around the house or not. Look for a position in the house, which is slightly elevated, closer to the windows, and does not have any obstructions in place. Not only will this help network signals to pass evenly around the house but also it will simultaneously help to reduce slow speeds at your end. Get ready to be surprised because re-evaluating the position of your internet devices or gadgets does improve the connection drastically.

Not Updating Your Internet-Abled Devices

Using older models of your router or modem is another reason whyyour internet easily slows during peak hours because you have probably not upgraded your devices or there are plenty of devices connected online. Unfortunately, if you do decide to upgrade your devices and gadgets, do know that it can be a bit pricey. And if you do get over the price tag, then getting a hang of the latest tech is not that easy either! Which is easier to get hold of, ultimately depends on you. Some ISPs in the country, such as Spectrum Internet come with mobile apps, which not only help them manage their account while keeping track of the various sections of your service account.

The Data Caps Factor

This is one issue, which challenging to get around. Before signing up with any internet provider, you need to be clear about the data caps factor. Because once you are then it will be much easier for you to manage your data limit every month. As most providers are quite transparent about this, you can find this piece of info on their official website. Or you can even call up customer service to find out about this (that is if this is not clear online!) Once you are sure about the cap factor, you can either pay a minimal fee for the monthly cap or switch to a cap-free service provider.

End Conclusion,

So there you go! Fixing slow internet does not always have to be a hassle because it can be done with a few tips and tricks right at home. However, if you regularly experience a slow internet connection at night, then maybe it is time to get the professionals involved. And get it fixed right away!