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Where Macerating Toilet Pumps Make a Difference: Unconventional Spaces

They say, “A place for everything and everything in its place”. But imagine a scenario where there’s no proper space at your home to accommodate a new toilet or if you want to build a toilet in your basement but don’t know how you could do so. Sounds like a headache, right?

Installing a macerating toilet is the only answer to all your ifs and buts. In this article, we will discuss: how a macerating toilet works, how it is going to make a difference, and what its advantages are.

How do Macerating Toilets work?

Before we discuss what is a macerator pump, we need to understand how a traditional toilet works. When you flush in a traditional toilet, it uses gravitational force to push the waste downwards into the outflow pipe. Later, this waste is collected in a sewer or a septic tank.

However, when you flush a macerating toilet, the waste gets collected in the macerator pump, which is attached to the toilet. The pump has powerful blades that liquefy the waste and later discharge it in a pipe that is attached to the soil pipe.

For a macerator pump to work, it requires an electric supply of preferably 15 amperes. It is advisable to get the electric fittings done by a qualified electrician and as per the building norms and standards.

Furthermore, to extend its durability, it’s important to perform regular cleaning of the pump and its components using a gentle brush. Especially, the blades should be cleaned periodically to ensure smooth performance.

Where Macerating Toilet Pumps Make a Difference

You might feel that your house needs an extra toilet in an unusual place. But what if it does not have a proper plumbing system? In such cases, you have these two options: either get a traditional toilet by extending and improving the plumbing system or install a macerating toilet.

Choosing to install a traditional toilet can be both time-consuming and expensive. On the other hand, opting for a macerating toilet offers a comprehensive and more advantageous solution.

Macerating toilets become useful if a toilet is installed in an unconventional area such as the basement, attic, or rooms below the plumbing lines. Installing ordinary toilets in such places becomes extremely difficult because the waste uses gravity to be discharged.

The macerator pump is designed in such a way that it can practically fit anywhere. It does not occupy a lot of space and makes very little noise and vibration when flushed.

Similarly, a macerating toilet system could easily be installed in areas such as a garden or garage where traditional plumbing systems are not feasible. All you need is the macerator pump attached to your toilet.

In this way, a macerating toilet can make a huge difference in unconventional areas. Moreover, if you want to temporarily install a toilet, this is the best alternative.

Advantages of Macerating Toilet Pumps

Macerating toilets do have a lot of advantages. Here’s why you should consider installing one:

  • Easy installation

The installation process of a macerating toilet is simple and will only take a few hours to complete. First, you need to assemble the macerator pump, then connect the discharge pipe to the soil pipe, then connect the macerator unit to your toilet and ensure there is enough room for ventilation. Finally, plug in the pump wire, and it is done.

Due to such an easy installation procedure, macerating toilets can be used almost anywhere. It makes them suitable for remote places where there is no proper plumbing.

  • Designed to save space and water

The design of the macerating toilet system is what stands out. It is compact and occupies very little space. You can connect the pump to the back outlet of the toilet or hide it behind the wall. This makes them an appropriate choice for attics or garages where space is limited.

Compared to regular toilets, macerating toilets do not use a lot of water when flushed. This ultimately saves you a lot of water over time.

They also do not require much water to operate, so they become a huge plus point, especially in places with low flow.

  • Durable

The built quality of macerator pumps makes them durable. If you are installing one in your home and use it sparingly, it should work for at least ten years. However, the case is different if it is installed in commercial properties, as frequent usage may reduce its life span to 5 years or so.

  • Eco-friendly and cost-effective

Unlike traditional toilets, macerating toilets use less energy and less water and offer versatility in installation. This makes macerating toilets eco-friendly.

Installing a macerating toilet is cost-effective because, in unconventional places like the attic or the basement, the installation of a traditional toilet would be so expensive. However, macerating toilets are built for such places, and that is what makes them cost-effective.

  • Low Maintenance

In the case of macerator toilets, there is little to no risk of sewer line blockages and clogging. These pumps are designed in a way that their components are easily accessible. This makes the maintenance of the macerating toilets easy.

  • Reduces smell and odor

A macerator pump breaks down the waste into slurry, and this can reduce the unpleasant smell and odor of the bathroom. The slurry is then discharged through a flexible pipe (connected to the soil pipe) into the septic tank or sewer.

  • Increases the value of property

It is a type of investment that can, in turn, increase the rate of the property by 2-3%. The adaptability that it offers makes it a valuable option in remote places. With these many benefits, macerating toilets are becoming a go-to feature in every home.

Being compact in size, it does not give a bad look to the bathroom or take up a lot of space in unconventional areas.

Final Words

In short, the macerating toilet is a practical solution for places where regular toilets cannot be installed. Without increasing plumbing complications, you can now install a macerator toilet anywhere without having to spend a fortune.