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When You Can Sue the Municipal Government for a Car Accident

Citizens in the US have the right to sue any level of government. The municipality is no exception. They should be liable for the injuries sustained. So, can you sue the city for a car incident? The answer is yes. This article explains the circumstances under which you can sue them. The crash should have happened due to the following reasons.

Poorly Designed Intersections

Road intersections tend to be hotspots for automobile collisions. For instance, they occur due to inadequate lighting that affects visibility. Also, there could be physical situations such as poorly managed signage. The authorities should consider the ability of motorists to identify the intersection at a distance when it’s being designed. It will help reduce the odds of a collision.

If you’re involved in a crash near the intersection, and it was designed in a way that contributed to the accident, you should sue the municipality and demand remuneration. Dealing with authorities after a crash can be hectic. Hiring an automobile accident solicitor would be helpful. They will handle the car accident claim process appropriately.

Defective Road Signs

Although you may take the road signage for granted, they direct and keep you safe on the highway. This means that if they were missing or misleading, the chances of getting into an accident are high. Sadly, most automobile crashes result from this. Defective road signage causes confusion that leads to panic. This results in a tragedy that could otherwise be avoided.

Don’t blame yourself if the incident happens. You have a case against the relevant authority.

Missing Guardrails

Guardrails are put in place to protect you from severe injuries in case of a crash. In addition, they help in slowing down your car and can bring it to a complete stop. You should hold the authority liable if they are defective or missing and demand remuneration.

Poorly Managed Roads

Improperly maintained roads can lead to severe tragedies that are even life-threatening. You may sustain brain injuries, broken bones, and severe back injuries. The conditions include the presence of potholes. If you hit a pothole, the tire may burst, making it veer into another lane. This may lead to a collision with vehicles in that lane. Or, the highway situation may lead to automobile rollover, causing a crash. If the accidents are due to potholes that result from the municipality’s negligence, you should demand compensation.

Construction Materials

The surface must be broken and removed when roads are being constructed. This makes them uneven during the project duration. Driving in this situation is dangerous as your vehicle can swerve, causing a tragedy. In addition, the items being used during the work, for instance, heavy machinery, may decrease visibility if the work is done around a corner.

You have the right to sue the municipality if they are negligent in marking the debris and hazard areas.

The legal law holds that the relevant authorities should be responsible for maintaining the highways to promote your safety. If any of the above situations leads to an automobile crash, don’t hesitate to sue the municipal government. Get the help of a car accident attorney to help you in handling the process.