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What’s in a Perk? The Top Five Benefits Employees Really Want in 2023

Perks and benefits play a significant role in any business. After all, a person’s salary is really only just one of the ways that an employee is paid. The benefits, support, and care they receive from their workplace are another. Though it does take a backseat to things like the salary, the perks and benefits you offer are still going to make a big difference in terms of attracting – and keeping – top talent in your workplace.

What you don’t want, however, is to pay for benefits that are never used. Finding a way to streamline your benefits (both monetary and not) can help you offer more for less. That’s why, when reviewing your benefits package next, you’ll want to use this guide to make sure you’re offering what your employees really want:

Essential Benefits

There are some essential company benefits that all companies should offer if they aren’t already legally required to do so. Those benefits are health-related. Gaining access to better quality healthcare for the whole family is a huge reason why many people strive to be employed fully rather than work freelance or even work for themselves. You can offer more, for less, by bundling your company benefits and going through a health insurance marketplace, you can compare benefits and their costs.

Flexible Work as an Option

Flexible work has become the go-to, to the point where it’s now the standard arrangement for many companies, and it’s unlikely to go away any time soon. This is because employees today actively want flexibility in their home and work schedules. They want the freedom to work from home if they want or in the office. That’s why many jobs today offer a hybrid approach that only requires workers to come in for a few days a week. These arrangements can help employees balance their work and personal responsibilities, reducing stress and improving job satisfaction.

The Option to Pick and Choose Extra Benefits

Employees have unique needs and preferences when it comes to perks, so offering a customizable benefits package can be a game-changer. Give your employees the option to pick and choose extra benefits that align with their interests and lifestyle. For example, some employees may prefer gym memberships or mental health resources, while others may be more interested in discounted tickets to local events or educational opportunities. This approach can help you create a benefits package that is tailored to the needs and wants of each individual employee.

Childcare Support

For working parents, finding reliable childcare can be a challenge. Offering childcare support can be a significant benefit for employees who have young children. Consider offering onsite childcare services or partnering with local childcare providers to offer discounted rates for your employees. This benefit can help reduce stress and improve work-life balance for parents, increasing their productivity and loyalty to your company.

Training and Development

Finally, investing in your employees’ professional development is essential to retaining top talent. Offer opportunities for training and development, such as skill-building workshops, seminars, or online courses. Encourage cross-functional collaboration and provide mentorship programs where experienced employees can share their knowledge and insights with others. This approach can help you create a culture of continuous learning and support your team’s professional growth journeys.