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What You Need To Know About Double Masters Degrees

You want to earn a Masters degree from two different universities. A double Masters may be just the right course for you.

The double Masters programme is known by a variety of names. These courses are sometimes referred to as dual masters, or jointly Masters. All of these terms refer to the exact same qualification.

This page can help you decide if a double masters is the right choice for you. We have covered all the important information such as what a double Masters is, why you would want to study one, and how much funding there is.

What is a dual Masters degree?

Double Masters are qualifications that are split between two different universities, usually in different countries. You can gain experience and expertise in two closely related subjects. A double master allows you to collaborate with scholars from around the world.

When you finish the program, you will have two Masters degrees.

How do double masters degrees work?

Each double Master is unique. You will be following a jointly designed programme by both parent universities. Both degrees share a common application process and course structure.

You may not have to submit applications to two universities if applications can be centrally handled by one university. You’ll likely apply to the university that hosts the first year. Some courses require you to apply for the second half of the double Masters after the first semester.

You will have a strong>main thesis supervisor/strong> from one university, but you can rely on the advice and help of academic staff at both universities. You will have a principal thesis supervisor from one of the universities. However, you can rely on advice and assistance from academic staff at both institutions. Maybe you will need to use the help of cheap dissertation writing services but the result of double amount of diplomas is awesome.

You will be the proud owner of two postgraduate degrees from two different universities at the end.

How long does a double Master last?

Some double Masters only take 18 months to complete. Part-time double Masters are rare. This is difficult due to the intensive nature of the course, and its logistical requirements. Unfortunately, they are not suitable for people with other commitments.

What are the different types of double Masters degrees?

Most double masters will award a standard MA(Master of Arts), or Msc (Master Sciences) depending on the subject of your course.

There are also other double Masters that are more interdisciplinary. The Erasmus Munus Joint Masters Degree is one of the most popular. These specially designed programmes highlight the importance of academic cooperation across the EU and give you the opportunity to study at one or more top European Universities. These EMJMDs cover a variety of subjects and are supported by generous scholarship programs.

You can also combine an MBA program with another Master’s degree. In a double Masters program lasting two years, you can graduate with both an MBA and a Juris Doctor or an MEng (Master in Engineering) .

This is a North American phenomenon. However, some European universities also offer double masters. These programmes enable you to finish a Masters degree in a selected discipline before studying MBA in the second semester of the programme.

How many credits are there in a double Masters?

The double masters degree is not a standard qualification with a fixed number of credits. The exact credit value will vary from one course to another. Some courses require to be taken more than the standard one-year Masters.

You could then study up to 240 credits CATS, instead of the 180 credits CATS required for a normal Masters. You could also end up studying exactly the same as you would for a regular Masters. For more information, consult the course details.

Will I receive two degrees?

Yes! A double Masters program means that you will receive a postgraduate degree from both universities .

What are the advantages of a dual Masters degree?

There are many reasons to pursue a dual Masters degree program. Here are a few of the most important ones:

  • Access academic resources – Through the universities that you are enrolled in, you will have access to an extensive collection of scholarly materials.
  • Employability – Two Masters degrees could give you a competitive edge on the job market by demonstrating that you possess the skills required for success within a challenging environment.
  • An international outlook– Living and Studying abroad is a rewarding experience that can open up new perspectives and avenues. A global outlook will be a great asset when you are looking for work after graduation.
  • Language Skills– Many foreign universities offer language classes for double Masters students, even if the entire course is taught only in English. You could choose to improve your current language skills, or you can learn a new one depending on where you are.
  • More study options_ As you will be studying at two universities (or more), you will gain a broader, more comprehensive understanding of your chosen topic. You will be able explore and examine the connections between programmes. This can then form the basis of your thesis.

Double Masters are not for everyone. Most double Masters degrees require full-time studies for two years. These are not suitable for those who have work or family obligations and would normally study part-time.

Double Masters are more costly than traditional degrees because you have to pay tuition for two years instead of one. You’ll also need to factor in the additional costs of studying abroad, such as flights and health insurance.