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What Math Games Parents Can Play With Kids at Home

Proficiency in math is essential to students’ success in maths class, school, and future life as adults. However, many kids need help with math because of the subject’s complexity. By playing math games with your child at home with some teaching math resources, as a parent, you can take a significant role in fostering their love of math.

The best math games that parents and children can play at home are covered in this article. They can improve your child’s math abilities and help them have fun at the same time.

Math card games

Children can learn math concepts through teaching math resources like math card games. For instance, with a deck of cards, you can play a simple battle and strategy game in which the participants’ card values are added to those of their opponents. Children practice their fundamental addition skills by playing this game.

Children must match cards of the same value in Go Fish, another well-liked card game. Children can practice essential number recognition and matching skills with the help of this game.

A dice game

Dice games are among the best math games to play at home with your kids. Children can practice their fundamental addition skills by playing this game. For instance, playing a Roll and Add game requires kids to roll a die and add the number to the one on a board.

Roll and Subtract is a well-liked dice game in which kids roll a die and deduct the result from a number on a board. Thus, children can practice basic subtraction skills in an easy and fun way.

Board games

Another fantastic way to teach children math concepts is through board games. Children can play the board game Monopoly where they must add and subtract money to purchase properties and make rent payments. Thus, kids improve their essential addition and subtraction skills.

Players have to count spaces in the popular board game Chutes and Ladders to move their game pieces. This way, kids can practice counting.

Puzzle video game

Puzzle video games are also fantastic math games to play with kids. Setting up puzzles can help your kids practice basic logic and problem-solving skills. A game of Sudoku, for instance, requires kids to fill in a grid with numbers in a particular pattern.

Tangrams is a well-known puzzle game where kids must combine various pieces to create a particular shape. Playing this game, children can practice their fundamental spatial reasoning and geometry skills.

Math applications

Math apps are yet another excellent way to teach kids math concepts. Having tablets and smartphones, kids get access to various educational math apps. These apps frequently come with interactive games that teach kids fundamental math concepts.

For instance, you can download an app with math challenges and puzzles where kids must answer math questions to advance through the game. These games and apps help kids develop their math skills while also being entertaining and exciting.


There are numerous math games that parents and children can play at home. These games not only keep kids interested and entertained, but they also foster math proficiency positively and engagingly. Include math games in your child’s daily activities today, and you’ll see how confident and proficient they become with math.