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What is a Fullback in Football?

Fullback in Football

A fullback in football is a position on the offense. The fullback is responsible for running with the ball and blocking for the quarterback and other running backs. Fullbacks are typically bigger and stronger than other offensive players, such as wide receivers and running backs. Because of their size and strength, fullbacks are often used in short-yardage situations, such as goal line stands or fourth down conversions.

Types of Fullbacks

There are two types of fullbacks: lead blockers and defensive style fullbacks. Lead blockers clear a path for the running back to run through. They also block defenders who are trying to tackles the running back. Defensive style fullbacks are used more on pass plays. They provide extra protection for the quarterback by staying in the backfield and blocking defenders who are rushing the quarterback.

The Role of the Fullback

The fullback’s main responsibility is to block for the running back. However, fullbacks can also be used as runners and receivers. When used as runners, fullbacks typically run straight ahead and are not used to make sharp cuts like running backs. When used as receivers, fullbacks typically catch passes that are thrown behind the line of scrimmage. This allows them to use their size and strength to break tackles and pick up extra yards after the catch.


The fullback is a an important position on any football team. Fullbacks are responsible for clearing a path for the running back to run through, as well blocking defenders who are trying to sack the quarterback.

Fullbacks come in two varieties: lead blockers and defensive style fullbacks. While most fullbacks are used primarily for their blocking ability, they can also be utilized as runners and receivers on occasion. Next time you’re watching a football game, pay attention to the fullback – he may just be the unsung hero of the team!