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What Do Men Find Attractive in Women?

What Do Men Find Attractive in Women?

When it comes to understanding what men find attractive in women, there are a lot of misconceptions. The truth is that beauty and attraction go beyond physical attributes and there is much more that goes into a man’s view of a woman than just her looks.

Here we will discuss some of the things that make women attractive to men.

Personality Traits

Personality traits are some of the most important qualities that make a woman attractive to men.

Things like being confident, outgoing, and having a sense of humor can be extremely attractive. Men also appreciate intelligence—not just book smarts, but social intelligence as well.

A woman who is able to carry on an interesting conversation, ask meaningful questions, express her opinions without being combative, and show genuine interest in others can be incredibly alluring.

Positive Outlook on Life

Men are drawn to positive energy—someone who loves life and sees the good in every situation.

A woman who has ambition and goals—and works hard to achieve them—is very attractive because it shows she has drive and is motivated by something greater than herself.

A woman with an optimistic outlook is someone that any man would be lucky to have by his side.

Physical Attributes

Of course physical attributes can contribute to how attractive someone may be; however, the perception of beauty varies from person to person so there isn’t one set standard for everyone.

Generally speaking though, men tend to be attracted to height (or at least someone within their own height range), curves (but not too curvy), facial symmetry, beautiful eyes (whether they’re blue or brown), full lips, healthy hair/skin/nails, etc.

It’s also important for a woman to take care of herself which includes eating well-balanced meals, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, etc., so her body is in optimal health and functioning properly.

What are some tips for being more attractive to men?

Here are some of the most effective ways to increase your attractiveness in the eyes of men.

Be Confident in Yourself

The single most attractive quality a woman can possess is confidence. Men tend to be drawn towards women who exude a sense of self-assurance and know who they are.

This doesn’t mean you have to pretend to be someone else or try too hard; just be comfortable in your own skin and don’t be afraid to show off your unique personality and interests.

Keep an Open Mind

It’s important for women to remember that not all men are the same.

Keeping an open mind when it comes to dating allows you to explore different types of relationships with different types of people, which can help broaden your horizons and make you more attractive in the process.

Don’t limit yourself by adhering too strictly to any one set of standards; instead, consider all potential partners as individuals with their own unique qualities that could potentially be a great match for you.

Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

Finally, don’t take yourself too seriously! Men are often attracted to women who have a sense of humor and aren’t afraid to laugh at themselves every once in awhile.

Having a lighthearted attitude can go a long way towards making someone more attractive, so don’t forget about having fun!

What should I avoid doing if I want to be more attractive to men?

If you want to attract a man, there are certain behaviors you should avoid. Often, we focus so much on what we should do that we forget about the things that can be detrimental to our chances of finding love. Here are five common mistakes women make when trying to attract men and how you can avoid them.

1. Don’t Be Too Needy or Clingy – It is important for women to remember that men need their space and enjoy having time alone. If you are too needy or clingy, it can be a big turnoff for many guys.

Don’t be too available all the time; instead, show him that you have your own life and hobbies so he doesn’t feel like he has to take care of you all the time.

2. Don’t Criticize Him – Nobody likes criticism, but men especially don’t appreciate it when a woman tries to criticize him or put him down in any way.

Instead of criticizing his behavior or decisions, try offering constructive feedback in a calm and rational manner—this will show him that you respect his choices while still providing helpful input.

3. Don’t Play Games – Some women think they can get a guy’s attention by playing games with him; however, this strategy rarely works in the long run.

Men aren’t interested in playing mind games; they want someone who is honest and upfront about their feelings and intentions. Playing games will only lead to frustration for both parties involved and make it more difficult for either person to find true love.

4. Don’t Try Too Hard – Trying too hard is another common mistake many women make when trying to attract men—they come on too strong or try too hard to impress the guy they like without giving him space or room to get comfortable around them first.

This often leads the man feeling overwhelmed or intimidated by her enthusiasm rather than feeling drawn in by it! So take it slow and let your relationship develop naturally over time; don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself (or him) by trying too hard right away!

5. Don’t Compare Yourself To Others – Comparison can be toxic for relationships because it creates an environment where one partner constantly feels inferior compared to another person who isn’t even involved in the relationship!

It’s important not only for your own self-esteem but also for your relationship with your partner that you don’t compare yourself (or him) with other people—each person is unique and deserves equal respect regardless of their differences from one another!


All in all there isn’t one particular trait or attribute that makes a woman attractive; it’s all about finding balance between physical appearance and personality traits/characteristics/values.

A combination of all these things makes a person unique which can be incredibly attractive when done right! Understanding what it is men find attractive can help you become more aware of yourself and your own qualities so you can enhance them if you wish!

This knowledge can also help you recognize the type of people you want around you including romantic partners — those who appreciate your authentic self instead of trying to change you into something you’re not!