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Vexel – New Generation Crypto Exchange for Trading Fiat & Crypto

Storing cryptocurrencies in non-custodial wallets has advantages over storing them in centralized custodial services, for example, on the accounts of cryptocurrency exchanges. Now we will share with you our experience working with the new generation crypto exchange and wallet – Vexel https://vexel.com/, which allows users to get deposits and loans and use its virtual Mastercard.

In the case of non-custodial wallets, unlike Vexel, you are solely responsible for the safety of your cryptocurrency, that is, for protecting the private key/seed phrase.

If you lost access and forgot all the data, restoring access for some reason will be impossible. It must be understood. If, as a result of phishing/hacking, you lose your cryptocurrency, then it will also be impossible to return it. That’s why it is the blockchain that all transactions are irreversible.

Crypto and Fiat Loans at Vexel Wallet

Before you start using crypto or fiat cards, you need to get to know all about these features:

  • Such cards work in tandem with MasterCard and Visa payment systems. Simply put, the owner of this card can pay with it anywhere and at any time.
  • The card will be tied to an account opened in a particular purchase.
  • The card provides round-the-clock access to funds in both crypto and fiat.
  • There are no intermediaries, which simplifies and reduces the cost of cryptocurrency transactions. When preparing the material, we discovered an interesting feature: do you know the most popular question in English-language chats?

How to Choose a Crypto Card?

Many firms on the market already provide services for issuing debit plastic cards for cryptocurrency. Also, new startups are constantly appearing who want to work in this segment. However, we propose paying attention to the following factors.

  • SEPA/SWIFT money transfer;
  • Ability to get crypto with fiat card;
  • Ability to deposit crypto;
  • Crypto loans and deposits.

Most likely, when paying with a card, the crypto on the account will be converted into local currency, but Vexel has refrained from any details on this theme. It’s also unknown what bank will issue the card and based on which payment system it will work.

Safety. As we said above, the most reliable in this regard are cold wallets that work offline (paper, hardware). If you have a small number of investments in cryptocurrencies, then an online wallet is quite suitable for storing it.

The intensity of use of assets. An online wallet is more suitable if you plan to trade cryptocurrencies constantly. With it, you can quickly make transactions with digital assets.

The cryptocurrencies themselves that you are going to store in the wallet. If you have a large number of coins of different types, it is recommended to use a multi-currency crypto wallet to get more convenience.

How to Use the Vexel Crypto Card?

The process will always be the same if you have registered at least once in an online bank or on a bitcoin exchange.

And now, let’s move on to the main thing: how to “withdraw” the crypto using such a card. Well, in general, maybe the time has come when we finally buy sausages for bitcoin.

Why Do Customers Choose Vexel?

This issue should be resolved with full responsibility to avoid losing your savings. Several main factors influence the choice of a company that provides the opportunity to order a card.

To Sum It Up

We learned a lot, right? Getting started trading cryptocurrencies can be challenging – there are a lot of concepts to learn. We hope this review has helped you feel more comfortable with cryptocurrency purchasing, keeping, and trading.