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Verification in online casinos – details, steps, and potential problems

Online casinos are slowly becoming the go-to gambling platforms for millions of online bettors. Many choose these operators because of their games, features, bonuses, apps, and payment options.

Although all casinos are different, users must verify their accounts to use them. The verification is easy, but for the ones who don’t want to share their ID, there are always no verification casinos where they can start playing and have access to all features right away. Even though some users might be skeptical because they don’t need to verify their accounts, these casinos use the latest security features and have a license from reputable software companies.

Speaking of verifications, only some know how to complete this process. There are many important things to be aware of, so let’s check them and see why a lot of users prefer the no verification iGaming sites.

Verifying your email and phone number

The first step of the verification process is to confirm your email and phone number. Many casinos will require people to do that right away, but others will let them make a deposit and even play for a while before requiring them to go through the process.

Verifying your email requires you to open it and click on the link you’ll find inside the email from the specific online casino. As for your phone number, almost all operators will send an SMS with a code that you need to input. That said, some companies might call you just to make sure you’re a real person.

The verification of your ID

Many people often choose no verification casinos because they do not want to go through the process of verifying their identity. Besides the fact that it takes time, most operators will require clients to provide all sorts of documents. Speaking of the devil, you may need to send copies of your passport, ID, driving license, and more.

The good news is that most reputable online casinos will give users the opportunity to choose the document they want to verify. Once they make up their mind, the next step is to login to their accounts and check the special verification panel. Unfortunately, some brands are not that optimized, so users may have to send their identity verification documents via email or by using live chat.

Verifying the address

Due to the strict regulations from some of the world’s leading gambling authorities, many online casinos require users to verify their addresses. The latter can be a complicated process that may require you to provide several documents. However, most brands aren’t that demanding, which means you will probably need to send a copy of a utility bill.

Speaking of verifying your address, the casinos that do not require users to complete any verification won’t request you do that. Instead, you can open an account and start playing the games you want in a couple of minutes. Needless to say, this makes them way more attractive.

Potential problems

One of the big reasons why many people are reluctant to use online casinos is because of the verification procedure. Even though most of the top brands have all sorts of security features in place that guarantee people won’t have problems when providing their documents, there could be some problems.

The most annoying thing that can happen is an information leak that will allow other people access to your private data. It may not look dangerous at first, but hackers and scammers can use it to do all sorts of things.

Another problem that not a lot of people think of when using an online casino is that they may get in trouble with their local authorities. Even though iGaming is very popular in some parts of the world, many jurisdictions don’t allow it yet. As a result, people have no other option but to use offshore sites.

Some users also have problems getting the documents they need to verify their accounts, especially when it comes down to their addresses.