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Venezuelans can pay through cryptos for taxi service

As of 12th April paying through cryptos for tax service in Yummy is available in Venezuela. The delivery and taxi service Yummy which has the support of Ycombinator, the start-up accelerator, offers this. This service is available in the major cities in the country’s center. All users of it are happy with the new method of payment. Yummy, the delivery and taxi services app operates in Venezuela and accepts payments in crypto via the platform Binance Pay. This was announced on the Twitter account of the firm the Legal Rocks. It indicated that Binance joined the taxi service Yummy Rides. Then Vicente Zavarce, Yummy’s CEO confirmed this information and offered a lot of details about this new service. He wrote that from now people will be able to travel on Yummy and pay with cryptocurrency because of their latest integration with the crypto exchange Binance Pay. Thus ridesharing with crypto is only available at Yummy. It was clarified by the executive that the company will now be only accepting stable coin payments and that is done at https://bitcoin-bankbreaker.com the most efficient platform. It is a crypto whose value is tied to the US dollar. Thus this crypto’s price is highly stable. Its price does not fluctuate as much as Ethereum, Bitcoin, or other cryptos. Tether is one of the most commercialized and used digital currencies in the country. Before such integration, this taxi service offered only the payment option via bank or financial platforms like Mobile Payment, Zelle, Yappe, PayPal, and credit cards.

Increasing demands for Yummy service

  • This acceptance of the new method of payment with Binance Pay is because of the increasing demand from the users of Yummy in the country.
  • They have asked the company to include more methods that will let them make more use of cryptos that they own.
  • They will find it convenient to pay for their rides and even utilize their digital coins.

A proper response to requests from users

  • Due to the increasing use of crypto in Venezuela along with the user requests to the company, Yummy launched the option of paying for tax rides with crypto via Binance.
  • This new payment method has started to be available from 12th April.
  • Users just need to update their Yummy app for activating the new method of payment via crypto.
  • The service of Binance Pay has been already integrated there.
  • This platform created by the popular cryptocurrency exchange will let you send and also receive cryptos such as stable coins and you do not have to pay commissions.
  • It is favored by the people of Venezuela because it does not incur the like or admin fees.
  • By scanning the QR code of the recipient in the app payments can be made.
  • The tax service users are happy with such integration.
  • They hope that cryptocurrency payments will get extended to different services like deliveries according to some local crypto websites.
  • But Yummy’s CEO took the opportunity and clarified all questions asked by people via Twitter.
  • He reported that such payments via crypto are available only for the service of transport which is the taxi app.
  • It is still not clear if payment with crypto via Binance Pat will get extended by Yummy later to other services such as the delivery service app.
  • Binance Pay is only available as the payment option in the latest and updated mobile app of Yummy along with cell, reserve, and mobile pay.

Users are pleased with the integration of Yummy with Binance

  • When the users learned about this integration of crypto payments, many of them expressed how satisfied they were.
  • Some even asked if this new option of payment will become available for home delivery services too.
  • But there is no indication of it being extended to the delivery service later.


Since July 2021, Yummy Rides has been operating in the country. It offers people a service that is like Uber or GrabCar and GoCar in Indonesia. The taxi service is available in cities like Valencia, Caracas, Barquisimeto, and Maracay. It includes extra-urban transportation to other parts of the country too. This transportation service app for Android and iPhone is operational in different Latin American countries like Chile, Ecuador, Panama, Bolivia, and Peru.