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Top Stadiums to Visit for Sports Fans

Everyone has different goals when it comes to traveling: some want to relax on a beach or at the pool, while others want to immerse themselves in different cultures. And then you have the sports fans, who want to visit the stadiums of their favorite teams while they’re on vacation. However, some of these stadiums are overrated, so we’ve picked four of the best stadiums in the world worth visiting if you’re a sports fan.

1) Camp Nou

Camp Nou might not be the same now that Lionel Messi has left Barcelona. Still, there is so much history at this stadium that anyone who is a soccer fan and visiting Barcelona will want to add a stadium tour to their itinerary. If you’re thinking of going there soon, eyes will be glued to the electric stadium for the Champions League drama, especially those who bet on Champions League outcomes. Fans looking for a wider perspective will be looking for Champions League betting tips to offer insight into Barcelona’s 14/1 odds to win the competition. Despite Barcelona’s busy schedule, there are still stadium tours available to purchase, where you can walk out onto the field and explore the team’s European Cups.

2) Rogers Arena

If you’re a fan of NHL hockey, visiting Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada, is a must. While the Vancouver Canucks might not have the best track record, never fully recovering from their Stanley Cup run in 2011, where they went to game seven but lost to the Boston Bruins. The stadium is in the heart of downtown Vancouver so regardless of the game’s results, there is much to explore around the area. From English Bay, where you get stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and the Vancouver mountain range, to various bars and restaurants.

3) Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Again, soccer fans will want to carve out time if they’re in London to visit Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. After opening in 2019, the stadium has been used for many purposes, including Champions League games, boxing fights and concerts, from the 2022 fight between Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Usyk to the recent Beyonce concert, which has spurred conversations about Jay-Z wanting to buy Tottenham.

4) Wrigley Field

While there are many famous baseball stadiums to visit, Wrigley Field in Chicago is one of the most iconic, home to the MLB’s Chicago Cubs. Like the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Wrigley Field has been repurposed for many other sports and events, including soccer, hockey, and football. In fact, from 1921 to 1970, the NFL’s Chicago Bears played at Wrigley Field before they relocated to Soldier Field. Additionally, the Chicago Sting competed in the North American Soccer League and played their home games at Wrigley Field between 1970 and the early 1980s.

One of the great things about traveling is that you can use it as a break to relax or immerse yourself in new things and see all the places you’ve dreamed of. For many sports fans, seeing some of the most famous stadiums in the world is at the top of the list, and based on their reputation, we recommend starting with Rogers Arena, Camp Nou, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, and Wrigley Field.