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Top Casino Games by Personality Type

The casino is one of the most legendary places in pop culture. The casino floor has been immortalized in film franchises from James Bond to Ocean’s 11, along with individual projects like Rain Man and Rounders. In each film, characters play certain games that tend to highlight their personality traits.

Sometimes, these films inspire viewers to try out games like poker, slots, and roulette for themselves. But not everyone will have access to a casino nearby. Anyone uninterested in brick-and-mortar casinos can opt for an online platform instead. In fact, most seasoned players prefer virtual casinos for their convenience and the availability of bonus deals.

Top gaming companies also provide onboarding, such as guides on how to play online casino games that cover the basics. They’re handy for those who have never played titles like blackjack or slots before, whether online or in-person. However, a player will still need to shop around different titles before they find the game that’s right for them.

Let’s cover the top casino games and which personality types tend to gravitate toward these titles.

The Social Butterfly: Slots

Are you the friend that’s always running from one party to the next? If that’s the case, slots are probably the perfect selection for you. First, there’s a broad range of available titles in different themes, from adventure to mythology. These cater to just about all tastes and are great for those with a shorter attention span.

Second, the quick-moving action of slots will keep anyone glued to the edge of their seat. And with no hidden cards or a table full of waiting players, you can always play slots with a friend at your side. For added excitement, online casino gamers can also look into game show style titles. These combine the excitement of slots with popular game show titles and themes, such as Wheel of Fortune.

The Pop Culture Fanatic: Poker

If you’re keeping your finger on the pulse in terms of entertainment, you’ve probably already tried your hand at poker. Starting with the first televised World Series of Poker events in the 1970s, poker has been a focal point of casino pop culture. In fact, some of the very first websites developed in the 1990s offered online poker.

Today, the poker craze continues. Back in the early 2000s, ESPN began broadcasting live play after the invention of the hole came. Today, Twitch streaming is poised as the next poker frontier. Just be sure to check a few beginner guides to poker. Though often discussed in popular media, the game takes plenty of practice to get the hang of.

The Professional: Blackjack

Dustin Hoffman’s Raymond in Rain Man helped introduce thousands to card counting in blackjack. Released in the 1980s, a slew of books followed the movie and promised to teach savvy mathematicians how to count cards. Even without card counting, blackjack is one of the most skill-based casino games.

If you’re the friend who likes to dive deep into research before starting something new, then blackjack is the title for you. Compared to other table games, it has the most actionable set of rules, which are based on mathematical probabilities.

The Optimist: Roulette

Whether playing online or in person, there are few games as exciting as roulette. If you’re the optimist of your friend group, then you’ll likely feel right at home watching the ball spin around the roulette wheel. In fact, you’ll likely join in the frenzied shouting from other players (at brick-and-mortar locations, at least).

Roulette allows players to place multiple bets across the table, which means glass-half-full personality types have plenty of places to wager on the next number. In other words, it’s a game that lets you go all-out, should you choose. 

The Lush: Baccarat

While blackjack is associated with mathematical prowess and poker with pop culture, baccarat is instead associated with James Bond. The international man of mystery played the game often in the earliest film releases from the 1960s and 70s. While he eventually switched the Texas Hold’em in Casino Royale, Bond has historically preferred baccarat.

If you’re the lush of your friend group, opting for a luxurious getup when heading to the casino floor, then baccarat is right for you. From its history in France to the elegant pallet used by dealers, baccarat is an elevated experience.