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Top Bitcoin Mining Pools

Bitcoin is the most accepted and demanded cryptocurrency in virtual commerce worldwide since it offers excellent benefits for businesses and users who implement it using bitqt app.

Thanks to the fact that it is decentralized, all investors invest their capital in it intending to double it in businesses and operations that are very lucrative, since we can have absolute control and decide at any time on the availability of our assets, without waiting for authorizations from third parties to execute them.

Bitcoin mining

Mining bitcoins is the process in which new coins of this type are created; this is carried out employing computers that solve very complex mathematical problems, which cannot be developed by hand; due to this, the help of systematization is required of processes in the computational area.

The new bitcoin coins are introduced when the miners operate the transaction blocks; every time a user sends or receives bitcoins. Therefore, it is presumed that every 24 hours, 212 thousand transactions are carried out.

The people in charge of these processes are called miners, who put the transactions in blocks and add them to a public address, called the blockchain or chain of blocks.

At the moment which the miners add each new block to the blockchain, new bitcoins arise, but when adding each new block, the miners have to mathematically validate the operations to be sure that they are correct and prevent them from being repeated; this gives way to a much more secure network created by the miners.

Who mines cryptocurrencies?

Regardless, anyone who has crypto assets in a compatible wallet, a good Internet connection, and powerful computer equipment can start mining cryptocurrencies, depending on the one they decide to extract and the type of mining, either individually or together.

For this mining process, very sophisticated hardware equipment is required, such as ASICs (specific integrated circuits), specially designed for this activity, as well as very powerful CPUs and GPUs.

A significant sum must be invested to start mining, which is recovered quickly since mining is a very profitable activity that generates excellent profit.

The best bitcoin mining groups

Practicing mining with a group consists of operating jointly and collaborating with other miners and devices, pooling resources on the Internet to process very complex mathematical calculations and create data blocks.

The benefit obtained from this process is called a mining reward, which is shared equally among all group members.

The development of this group activity means that mining is carried out very quickly, thanks to the method used to assign the profits, where successively later it is transferred to the final amount that will be obtained; this will depend on the mining group to which it belongs.

Among the best and leading groups mining bitcoin is:

SLEEVE POOL; this is the oldest mining pool and has servers worldwide; it has set very high fees for mining operations.

VIABTC operates with other currencies and is very easy to work with.

POOL; It has a very easy-to-use graphical interface and allows you to set the number of mining earnings; its disadvantage is that it makes very minimal payments.

BTC.COM; is an excellent organization; it offers miners payments for transactions, very easy to access and navigate.

KANOPOOL; It is an elementary web page in which it is not essential to register to operate, and its transaction fees are low.


Bitcoin mining is a process that grows more successively every day, leaving great benefits to those who practice it; there are already many who study and are interested in this world.

Bitcoin is the most accepted and implemented cryptocurrency par excellence in all virtual commerce; thanks to its credibility and demand in its short history, it has achieved significant benefits in the virtual economy as more investors have migrated from traditional markets to the new world of virtual economy.

Thanks to mining, the speed and efficiency with which all the operations carried out in the blockchain or blockchain technology are attended to, the proper functioning of the trade of cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin, depends on the miners.

Choosing to enter the world of cryptocurrencies is the best decision to make when the world economy has been so affected by different causes, whether political, social, environmental, and more.