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Top 10 Most Popular Sports in England

England is one of the countries that make up the United Kingdom. There is plenty to explore as it is rich in history. Historical sites, museums, castles, and cathedrals are some of the things it houses, which makes it a tourist destination. All of these are fascinating and make the place an interesting place to be. However, another thing worthy of nothing is sports.

England is home to many popular sports that are recognized worldwide today. The options are endless from Football to Cricket, Tennis, and Badminton. As a country in the United Kingdom, its residents can bet on Valorant’s tournaments at the GGBet online casino. This means you don’t get to only watch them but also bet on the possible outcome of these matches. Therefore, we’ll be highlighting some of the most popular sports in England, most of which you are familiar with.

Prominent Sports in England

There are many sports that this country is familiar with. Many of their origins date back to centuries ago, making them iconic and historical. There are many of them, but we’ll mention just 10, how they came to be, and their present situation. Let’s go!


This is the most popular sport in England, which dates back to 1863. The goal of the game was to unite English schools and universities. Today, English people still love football. The National and Premier League is among the most reputable and best in the world.


It is said to be the English national sport and is one of the twelve members of the International Cricket Council. There are eighteen teams in the national cricket system. All of these teams originate from all the historic counties of Wales and England. They gather to play matches over the summer.


This sport is the largest individual sport in the country. One of the major tennis events in England was in Wimbledon. Since its establishment, it has been held in London and played on grass. In history, Swiss legend Roger Federer is the most successful tennis player, with eight titles under his belt.

Rugby Union

It was initially codified in 1971, and England houses one of the best teams on the planet. In 2003, they won the world cup. Also, England participates in the annual Six Nations Championship. This is a major European International Rugby Union competition.


The sport is popular because of its accessibility to beginners. However, it can be physically demanding, competitive, and deeply rooted. At the 2000 and 2004 Olympic Games, England won a medal in badminton. A national tournament (All-England Championships) is held every year in Birmingham, attracting top players from around the globe.

Field Hockey

It is a recreational sport with over a hundred thousand registered players in the country. At the international level, the men’s team won the hockey tournament at the 1988 Olympics. Also, the women’s team won the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. The popularity of this sport is thanks to the women’s team’s success.


This is a team sport that entails two seven-players face-off. It is almost similar to basketball. In that, players score by throwing the ball through a net. More than a hundred thousand women and girls play it every week.


Although Scotland invented it, this country has built the sport and even founded the Professional Golfers’ Association. The famous Ryder Cup also originates from England. The significant English golf tournaments are the Open Championship and the BMW PGA Championship. There are over 500-thousand licensed players from the country.

Rugby League

Although it is less popular than its relation, rugby union, it owns a distinct following, governing body, and player base. It was founded in 1895 and is quite popular these days. The national league, known as the Super League, used to contain 14 teams but has now been reduced to 12 since 2015. 10 of the twelve teams are from England, while the others are from Canada and France.


The majority of the Formula One teams are based in England. Also, these drivers have won the right Formula One World Championship titles. The local Formula One event, the British Grand Prix, is held at Silverstone every July. England is identified as the best country for building racing cars.

A Home of Entertainment

Sports play an important role in the English society. So, these are some of the popular sports the country is known for. However, they are not limited to just these ten. There are a whole lot of others, from boxing to cycling, that the English also embrace. So, whether you are interested in team or individual sports, they have it all.