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The Top Four Side Hustles in 2022 Ranked

Wanting to earn more money is a common sentiment for people these days. Perhaps you are a student who wants more pocket money, or you are only working part-time at your present job and want to spend more hours earning money.

Rather than sit at home and do nothing, you can find side hustles that allow you to explore new skills and earn good money. You could trade fx or find another profitable side job.

Ensure that you are thinking about the hours you can dedicate to such a pursuit, when in the week you are free, and how much money you are hoping to make each month.

Below is a ranking of the top four side hustles you may find profitable in 2022.

1. Trading Online

A great way to make a supplementary income without having to devote too much time to the endeavor is to trade online. You can buy stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or foreign currencies with the goal of making a profit on your trades.

There are two ways you can go about this process. You can either trade passively, where you put your money in mutual funds or ETFs, to earn a supplemental income. If you want to pursue greater profits or else you have fun trading and are knowledgeable about the market, you can actively buy or sell stocks each day.

Such a side hustle is very helpful because you can do it using your phone or computer. If you have a few minutes during your commute or when you have a ten-minute break at work, you can check the standing of your stocks to decide if you want to hold or sell.

2. Grocery or Food Delivery

Many people around the country find it helpful to deliver groceries or food from restaurants to earn a supplemental income. There are countless platforms where you only need a driver’s license to start driving and making money.

There is also the option of driving for a ride-share company, such as Uber or Lyft. You may want to check online communities that are specific to your area to discover where people are making more money.

In some parts of the country, driving for Uber may be a more lucrative side hustle, while other cities have greater per hour earnings for drivers who are delivering food or groceries. There is also a difference in the work you are doing.

Ride-share means interacting with passengers throughout the day, which is not the case when you deliver food. You have to go pick up the food, drop it off at someone’s house or apartment, and then get going for the next pickup and delivery.

3. Teach Students Online

If you have a background in education, or you were very good at a specific subject in school, you may want to think about teaching other students. There are countless platforms where you can sign up to tutor students online, and you can earn a lot of money this way.

While you cannot turn online tutoring into a full-time job unless you are planning on getting your degree in education, you can earn good money on the side. Even if you are tutoring for only one or two hours a day, you will be surprised at how quickly that money adds up.

4. Flip Cars

Those who have experience in repairing cars, and know how to get a good deal, may want to flip used vehicles in their local area. The goal is to look out for listings online where a person is selling an older car for a knockdown price.

You want to avoid cars that are in very bad condition, as those will be a nightmare to fix. Look for vehicles that have one or two problems but are otherwise in working order. The seller may not have the time to solve the issue, or they may be moving and hoping to buy a new car.

Buy a car for a lower price, invest time in the repairs, and then flip it for a profit in the coming weeks.

Always Explore Your Options

If you are unhappy with your present circumstances, such as the quality of your job or the money you earn, see what is out there. Do not be afraid to explore your options, such as working another job part-time, picking up one or two side hustles, or quitting your current position to join another company.

When you are flexible about your work situation, you can make the most of your time. Rather than continuing to work long hours at the same job, which is not paying you well, you can scale back your hours and engage in one of the above side hustles.