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The Top 7 Iconic Harry Potter Filming Locations To Visit In Real Life

More than 20 years ago “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” was published, and people all over the world are still dreaming of getting an admission letter from the renowned wizarding school. Otherwise “Hogwarts Legacy”, a new open-world RPG, based on the Wizarding World of J.K. Rowling and released in February, wouldn’t be so amazingly popular. This game is worth playing, even if you are more about gambling on Hellspin Casino and don’t like video games. And if you would like to immerse yourself in the magic, then you should visit “Harry Potter” filming locations in the real world listed below.

Castle Alnwick, Alnwick (England)

In interviews, Joan Rowling mentioned that the prototype for her Hogwarts was the castle of Alnwick, located in the country of Northumberland. Remember the scene when Harry first sat on his broomstick at Madame Hooch’s flying lesson? That scene was filmed just outside Alnwick Castle, as was the scene from “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” in which Harry and Ron crash into the terrifying Whomping Willow in a flying car. 

The Oxford University, Oxford (England) 

Oxford University and its colleges made an appearance in all Harry Potter films. Christ Church College in Oxford inspired the filmmakers to create the Great Hall, which was the location for many of the feasts and banquets held at Hogwarts, as well as Dumbledore’s welcome speeches. The Duke Humphrey’s Library in Oxford is a location that was used for film scenes set in the Hogwarts school library. Do you remember the famous scenes from the first Harry Potter film,  in which Harry made his way to the forbidden section searching for information about Nicholas Flamel? By the way, the classroom of Professor Flitwick was filmed in the Harrow School In Oxford.

Glenfinnan Viaduct in the Highlands (Scotland) 

You probably remember the scenes in the two first Harry Potter movies, in which the  Hogwarts Express in full steam barrels through the countryside. So the Glenfinnan Viaduct, located in the west of Scotland, was the location for these scenes. By purchasing a Glenfinnan to Fort William train ticket, there is a chance to enjoy this breathtaking view . Hogwarts Express is actually  the Jacobite Steam Train that runs on the Western Highland Railway from May to October. 

Leadenhall Market, London (England)

London is home to many of Harry Potter’s most iconic filming locations, and the Leadenhall Market is one of them. It dates back to the 14th century and was used for filming the entrance to the Leaky Cauldron in Diagon Alley ( “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone”). 

King’s Cross railway station, London (England)

Harry’s journey to Hogwarts began at King’s Cross station, on platform 9 and ¾. In the film, it was invisible to non-magic folk and could be reached by walking through the wall between platforms 4 and 5. Unfortunately, you can’t travel to Hogwarts from there, but there is a little statue you can take a photo with.

Lacock Abbey, Lacock  (England)

Godric’s Hollow is, in J. Rowling’s books, a settlement in southwestern England where magicians and muggles live next door, was filmed here. It was the home of Harry Potter’s parents, the Dumbledore family, Bathilda Bagshot, and Horace Slughorn. And the Sacristy room in the abbey appeared as Snape’s potions classroom in ” Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”. Today you can even attend Professor Snape’s potions class there.

Harry Potter Studio in Leavesden, Leavesden (England) 

In the town of Leavesden on the outskirts of London, 40 minutes by train from London Euston station, is the Warner Bros. studio where the majority of the eight films were created. 

In the pavilions of the studio, there is a Harry Potter museum with costumes, magical utensils, room decorations, and entire streets.

Actually there are much more Harry Potter filming locations in the UK including  Glencoe valley in Scotland, Malham Cove in North Yorkshire, and the Freshwater West beach in Wales. And the Harry Potter story itself ends on the St. Pancras Train Station in London, where almost 20 years after the events described in the last part of the fantasy saga,  grown-up Harry, Hermione, and Ron see their children off to Hogwarts. If you want to visit them, you can choose one of the plenty of bus or walking tours in the UK or just explore all these beautiful places on your own. Don’t forget the broomstick!