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The most beautiful cities in Croatia

Croatia has taken the best that European nature and civilization could give to the world. Clear waters of Adriatic wash the cleanest beaches, cosy bays, and rocky shores, covered with thickets of century-old pines. The most beautiful cities in Croatia can’t be named offhand: they’re all beautiful in their way. Our guide has listed the most interesting Croatian destinations for all tourists who want to enjoy the Croatian culture.

Zagreb – Croatia’s famous capital

The capital of Croatia, Zagreb, is considered to be the largest city in the country, but by European standards, it is rather compact: you can walk around all the important places in one day. 

You cannot pass by the St. Stepan Cathedral, where since the XIII century was buried representatives of the higher ecclesiastical and aristocratic nobility. Nearby are the Bishop’s Palace and the Franciscan monastery, laid out in the same era. The Gothic Church of St. Mark, which stands out for its architectural rigour, also attracts attention. By the way, the famous Croatian Diamond Palace casino is also situated in Zagreb. If you want to enjoy the virtual slots in the capital of Croatia, visit it! However, if you would rather spend time walking through beautiful Croatian cities, look at the PlayAmo, log in to it PlayAmo login and enjoy gambling online!

Pula – a must for the lovers of antiquity

Pula bears the status of the oldest town in Croatia on the Adriatic coast: the findings of archaeologists date back to the period of the last era. The heyday of the settlement has reached during the Roman rule, although mentions of it can be found in the myths about the Argonauts: it is believed that they founded Pula during the journey.

The main treasure is the arena or amphitheatre of Pula, reminiscent of the Roman Colosseum. The structure was erected in the first century AD and is the sixth-largest ancient amphitheatre in the world. Next in popularity, but not in beauty, are the Temple of Augustus, the Hercules’ Gate and the Triumphal Arch of Sergius, built-in III-I centuries of the last era. 

Split – a must for top tourist destinations

Split is Croatia’s second-largest city and one of the most beautiful: its Old Town is under UNESCO protection. The splendid Diocletian Palace is considered to be the country’s calling card and one of its main attractions. The building, which looks more like a small town, was built during the heyday of the Roman Empire.

The palace is made of the famous white limestone, quarried on the island of Brac. Interestingly, the same material was used to clad the White House in Washington.

Motovun – the truffle capital of Croatia

The small town of Motovun, with a population of barely a thousand people, captivates travellers with its slightly gloomy charm. Stately homes of time-darkened stone behind the fortress wall form narrow, intricate streets not spoiled by excessive tourist tinsel. Wandering through its quiet streets, where half-light always reigns, it’s as if you are immersed in the Middle Ages.

Despite the outward austerity, the soul of Motovun is surprisingly hospitable: the locals are distinguished by an extraordinary cordiality. Every October, there’s a truffle festival during which they hunt the delicacy mushrooms with dogs: pigs are kept away from such a valuable product. Motovun has even received the unofficial title of the “truffle capital” for its unusual festival. This is a great opportunity for tourists to try this rare delicacy for a fraction of the price. 

Rovinj – a fairy tale with an Italian flavour

Situated in Istria, on an archipelago of 22 islands, Rovinj captivates with its cosy atmosphere, the abundance of sites and the fusion of all possible eras in architecture. The town was founded as far back as the 7th century: the typical labyrinth of medieval streets, houses in Italian style and hundreds of types of exquisite window shutters create a unique and colourful atmosphere.

The old centre with the main attractions is concentrated on a small peninsula. The dominant feature is the 57-meter-high tower of St. Eufemia Church which can be seen from every part of the town.