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The Impact of EDM Production Schools on the Music Industry

Eleсtroniс Dаnсe Musiс (EDM) hаs only keрt growing in рoрulаrity. It is everywhere nowаԁаys. Musiс рroԁuсtion is аn аreа thаt is becoming inсreаsingly interesting to those wаnting to breаk into the musiс worlԁ.

How ԁoes it аll come together? Whаt skills аre neeԁeԁ? And, most importantly, how can I be involved?

An EDM production school specializes in all the specific skills needed to create EDM. 

Due to its tailored and specific nature, these production schools are directly impacting the music industry. They provide aspiring producers with the relevant technical skills needed to thrive in this genre. The teaching is tailored, hands-on, and effective. 

Here are just some of the impacts that EDM Production schools are having on the music industry. 

History and Evolution of EDM Production Schools

EDM production schools have been around ever since EDM music, which quickly gained popularity. So, around the end of the 20th century. As educational institutions, these schools are continuously growing and changing as the industry evolves. They always have to adapt. 

In the 1980s and 90s, there was a genuine explosion of EDM music. It very quickly gained popularity. Leading up to this, most EDM artists trained themselves or took more formal training and adapted it to suit their style. 

In the late 1990s/ early 2000s, the first fully dedicated EDM music production schools began to open. 

Influence on Music Production Techniques 

EDM production schools have had a direct impact on production techniques, influencing the development of trends. As more people have explored this genre, production techniques have developed, and trends have emerged. 

For example, the use of collaboration within EDM music is something widely born out of production schools. Encouraging students to collaborate and experiment together, the remix culture that occurs within schools has definitely translated into the genre as a whole. 

Career Opportunities and Industry Connections

One of the main appealing factors of attending an EDM production school is the chance to network with industry professionals and gain invaluable opportunities. 

A production school provides you with essential skills to help you head into the real world. They are schools tailored to help you make your break into the industry. 

Also, lots of EDM schools offer internship opportunities in big businesses, which can be the key to getting in. 

The Role of EDM Production Schools in Shaping New Talent

EDM production schools are essential in shaping new talent, the future of EDM. Here are just a few ways they help get the best out of up-and-coming talent. 

  • Skill Development 
  • Education 
  • A Potential For Internships 
  • Invaluable Networking 
  • Portfolio Development 
  • Improving Your Online Presence 
  • Opportunities for Freelance Work 

These are just a few of the ways EDM production schools help to shape new talent. 

The Business and Economic Impact of EDM Production Schools

As a business, an EDM production school generates revenue through tuition fees and enrollment costs from its students. 

Equally, it has a positive economic impact in the fact that it creates jobs for individuals wanting to work in this particular industry. Individuals who want to share their specialized knowledge can do so through teaching. 

Graduating from an EDM school increases the revenue of the music industry as a whole as more artists saturate the market. More music is being created (and to a higher standard), meaning the popularity of EDM simply continues to grow.

Criticisms and Challenges of EDM Production Schools

Like any industry, there are criticisms of EDM production schools. One of the main challenges production schools face is a backlash to how expensive tuition fees are. Due to the high level of technicality that is involved in teaching, tuition fees are often astronomical, meaning many feel they are not accessible. Another common criticism is the large dependence on technology and the very niche focus of the school. Some people feel it is too narrow. 

The Future of EDM Production Schools

It is hard to predict the future of EDM production schools! What is safe to assume is that as technology and the digital world advance, the schools will have to as well. They will be expected to adapt.

In conclusion

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The future of music is almost impossible to predict. But, I do wonder whether more specialized schools, such as EDM production schools, will become more popular and common. 

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