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The 7 Best Tips from Stylists: How to Look Stylish and Fashionable in Spring 2022

Spring is coming, and you wonder how to look stylish in spring 2022. Designers recommend women to say goodbye to boring and outdated clothes and prefer bright and stylish images. In this season fashion brands are offering women interesting cuts and silhouettes, spectacular decorations and unusual outfits that result from combining the most seemingly familiar things. To avoid your spring 2022 outfit going wrong, it is important to follow the stylists’ advice below:

Combine Different Styles

This season, brands are focusing on daring clothing combinations. It is not difficult to create a stylish and original image. You just need to combine different textures and styles in one outfit. The warm and voluminous sweatshirt will go perfectly with a light chiffon dress and sporty style pants with a classic white shirt.

Make Your Outfit Colorful and Don’t Afraid of the Colors

The fashion trend in 2022 will be clothed in rich colors that need to be well combined. Red, maroon, blue, orange, pink, purple and shades of green will be in fashion. Young colors can combine not only monochrome but also multicolored bright looks, for example, burgundy trench coat and blue pants, green skirt and yellow sweater, red dress and olive-green coat.

Comfort is Important

Not without the attention of stylists and fashionistas who prefer simple and comfortable clothes. Fashion favorites this spring are things in the style of sports chic, casual and street style. Trendy sweatshirts, leggings and bikinis are no longer considered only clothes for fitness and yoga. They can be safely integrated into a fashionable look. Especially popular this season is warm sports suits. In such an outfit you can not only go for a walk but also gamble on slots online Canada at home.


Spring outfits with voluminous jewelry elements look spectacular. Wear it with playful ruffles and frills to emphasize the femininity and romance of fashionable images. Such decorations will make even the most restrained business clothes (blouses, skirts and dresses) look brighter. Harmoniously complement such an image in a jacket for cool weather with a voluminous cut, a knit sweater or fashionable this season with a leather jacket. Dresses with cutouts will also be in fashion this spring. The spectacular blouses, dresses and tops are perfect for an eye-catching evening look.

Flower Motifs are in Trend

Floral motifs dominate not only in fashion accessories but also in clothing. Designer clothes in romantic décor, with floral embroidery, stickers, and applications, will delight fashion enthusiasts. Beautiful and original prints will be seen not only on T-shirts, sweaters, shirts, skirts, and pants but also on outerwear.

Stripes and Checks are Ubiquitous

The most important fashion trend in 2022 is the simple but effective geometric print. These stylish mathematical patterns can be found in clothes, shoes, and accessories. This spring, fashion-conscious women should pay attention to elegant coats, trench coats, business suits and dresses in fashionable checks and stripes. Clothes with the right pattern look good not only for slim fashionistas but also for plus-size women.

A Fashion “Comeback” – Retro Style is Back in Trend!

Leading designers have decided to revive the fashionable clothes of the 80s, 90s and 2000s. Low-waisted jeans, blouses with voluminous sleeves and denim dresses are in trend this spring. The basic element of every woman’s wardrobe should be elegant flared trousers, which are ideal for both slim and plump women.

The photo selection will show you how to look stylish and versatile in spring 2022. The most important thing is not to forget the basic rule: There are no mismatches this season. Be brave and make stylish experiments!