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Taper Fade Hairstyles for Women

Women nowadays like having fun experimenting with every hairstyle available. The taper fade is not an exception when it comes to women’s hairstyles in modern society. Lately, it is not every woman that enjoys having their hair long and well styled. Some women enjoy having a faded haircut.

If you have decided to get a faded haircut, there are so many options of hairstyles that you can choose from. Most women love being unique with their haircut, and as long as you are creative enough, you can always come up with a signature look by yourself. Here are some taper fade ideas you can choose from any time you visit your barber.

1. Carefree natural spirals

If your hair is naturally spiral, sometimes it is wise to leave it untouched. Trying to mold it by using different hair products sometimes will only give some undesired results.

For this hairstyle, you just need to let the hair take its own shape, and you can add a minor undercut to give it some fade.

The secret to this hairstyle is focusing on the facial features and just letting the hair be. You can focus on using the right makeup and other beauty items, such as fake eyelashes. You can also spice up the look by wearing considerably big earrings such as loops. This helps draw more attention to the face rather than the hair.

This hairstyle is naturally appealing and low maintenance. It can be worn for both formal and casual purposes. However, in some countries or locations, it is considered informal. It is therefore important to consider your location and the nature of your job before choosing this idea.

2. A rainbow taper hairdo

The haircut is done in a way that resembles the rainbow pattern. It can be done on hairs of all textures as long as the hair is short.

Despite the name rainbow, you should not use too many colors because the hair is already short. Using a maximum of two colors is enough to bring the desired look. You can combine burgundy and caramel for an astonishing look.

3. Side bang natural curls

If your hair is naturally curly, you can exploit the opportunity by getting a taper fade undercut and leaving long hair at the center, designed to fall to one side and slightly on the forehead.

The side bang should be long, and the fade should not be so visible to avoid the style’s curly properties.

Combining this hairdo with a nose ring and huge earrings gives a stunning look regardless of your outfit.

4. A tapered straw set

This hairdo best fits hair with a rough texture. However, this should not limit you because you can work on your hair using the right tools and products to achieve the desired texture.

The haircut features a taper fade undercut with longer hair at the center which can be styled using equipment such as a straw to achieve the straw-like strands of hair at the center.

While styling the hair at the center, you should ensure the hair is wet for the perfect outcome. You can set the strands to face the front direction for a finer look.

5. Short natural burgundy hairdo

Instead of wasting a lot of money on wigs and hair relaxers as a black woman, you can save money and work on adding some twists to your natural hair.

This hairdo features a taper fade at the sides and at the back. It is a sexy hairdo that is also easy to maintain. To finish the look, you can bleach the hair with soft burgundy to spice up the look.

6. A bright statement

Just because haircuts are simple hairdos, it does not mean they should be understated. You can have fun bleaching your short hair with unique bright colors.

This simple hairdo is easy to maintain, and you can change the bleach color every time you feel like it.

Always ensure that the dye color you use matches your outfit to avoid color crashing because the hair is an important part of a hairdo.

7. Red tipped twist out

It is a taper haircut that features some twist out on the top part with a taper fade undercut.