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24 April 2015:

I’ve noticed many of the posts have not translated well since the migration to the new theme. I’ll be correcting the formatting issues as I come across them.

If you come across any posts that load improperly or show html code instead of images, please let me know! Thank you.

29 March 2015:

Just hit the 10 million views milestone.

That is still sinking in, I’m very grateful to all of you for following along for the journey. I know some have been following for several years – to you I owe the most thanks.

Every comment, re-tweet, and share helps to keep things going. I appreciate all the feedback and helping to spread the love! Thanks for reading, and here’s to the next 10 million hits!

01 March 2015:

Our apologies for the flood of emails subscribers just received. We loaded a default new theme which added default posts and then triggered unwanted notifications. Rectifying the issue now.

19 February 2015:

We’ve just switched themes and are still correcting minor formatting issues across many of the pages. Also looking into more mobile-friendly viewing options for those on tablets. Thanks for hanging around, we’ll be back shortly.

December 2014:

Please bear with us while S-I hibernates for the next few months. We’ll be going through a site build-out and re-design.