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Simple Reasons to Choose Fiber Optic Cable

Connections make the world go round. Even with wireless connections becoming more and more popular, there needs to be a solid connection somewhere in the background to facilitate all of that.

If you are choosing between different cable types, fiber optics should be the one you land on. There are many reasons to make the choice, but these are probably the simplest and most effective for home and business owners.

Multiple Connectivity

While it is difficult to pinpoint what the single most important reason for fiber optic cables from a vendor like RS, it is hard to argue with the fact that you can connect multiple devices. In the average home, multiple devices are active at any given time. Without a dependable connection, things will slow and lag and even lose connectivity altogether.

Fiber optic is capable of handling several devices all at once because its bandwidth capabilities are greater. That is why businesses, and even first responders, use fiber optic connections. Even if you are just using your connection for streaming, why not make sure that you can connect all of your devices seamlessly and without interruption?

Better for Gamers

Gaming has exploded in popularity in recent years. What was once a niche hobby has now become a source of income for gamers and streamers. The key is to have a reliable connection that isn’t going to drop out in the middle of a heated battle. That is where fiber optics comes into the equation.

Consistency is a major part of any gaming connection. Even a little bit of lag or dip in quality can cost you the game. Those little hiccups are part of the territory with cable and DSL internet connections. By using fiber optics, gamers can enjoy a constant flow of data, with smoother movements, better quality, and fewer discrepancies as they move throughout the digital world. For competitive gamers, that can mean the difference in thousands of dollars.

No Throttling

Most people probably aren’t aware of what throttling is and what it has to do with your internet connection. But think about it like this: it’s a hot day, your air conditioner is pumping, you have another appliance going, and suddenly. It is a nightmare when you really need to use something and don’t have access to it because of an outage.

Throttling, as it turns out, happens with cable internet connections as well. The providers use it in order to prevent wider outages. So, at peak times, your internet connection will either drop out or the speed will be cut drastically. You won’t have to worry about that with fiber optic because it is far less susceptible to overload when compared to DSL and cable internet connections.


Let’s face facts, the real reason that people get fiber optic cabling is because it is the fastest internet connection you can get. Fiber optic operates at 1 Gbps, which is anywhere from 10-20x the speed of your average cable internet connection. It is a difference of several minutes – 25-30 or more – when downloading something like a 2-hour movie, for instance.

That speed also matters as it relates to other aspects of the connection. Remember, for gamers, quality is key. With a faster speed, fiber optic is able to process data far more quickly, creating a better overall video quality. Being able to handle all of that data over a live stream, whether you are streaming your game or trying to stream a movie, can wind up making a huge difference in the quality and performance of that connection.